Imposing Upon Life

Carl Jung

It’s often good to remember that our systems, the entire complex of our bodies, are in support of our development journey. When we acknowledge that, we can see how useful our dream images can be. Here a string tangled with blocks represents the actual inner blocks, defense mechanisms in this case, that are preventing further progress. And knowing what we are being confronted with is half the battle of letting it go.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: My very earliest dream it feels like I’m preoccupied with this string that has occasional little blocks on it, like little rectangular blocks, so it feels like I’m trying to untangle that string – which maybe runs down my leg, or on a body at certain points.

And at first when I try to untangle it, it feels like I’m having trouble, but then it feels like I kind of approach it from another angle and I’m kind of able to pull the string more smoothly. That was my first dream.

John: So it’s like a thread, a string, a thread, and when it has little knots in it, what they are is where things catch, and so lacks a certain followthrough or fluidity. And it’s an interesting image because when things catch, what it doesn’t describe is what it feels like when something catches.

And what’s interesting is that’s the theme of the dreaming, too, is things that still affect one’s nature from being able to totally let go and being in a space of emptiness. You have something that you still hold on to, and what you don’t describe is the way in which holding on works. It’s kind of the loudness in one’s nature, and any kind of loudness of one’s nature has an effect in terms of the way you move about.

The motion and expression that you have is dictated by the way you carry yourself, and so these little blocks have to do, you know looking at the theme of the dreaming, has to do with carrying or conducting one’s self in a way in which this sort of thing is something that is still sticky, or in one’s frame of reference, that they lean on, or hold out, and it functions as either what you would call a type of defense mechanism in which you are utilizing this as a filter for purposes of protecting one’s self from something that you’re not ready to face, or it can be the way you image yourself based upon the way you’ve come to recognize or see how things are in the outer.

The way that I am shown, in my dreaming last night, where you get rid of a block or characteristic or however you’d call it that has you looking or functioning in a particular mannerism or way, is you have to take out all of the inertia or speed of it. You have to bring it to a state of an emptiness or a quietness. And if you’re able to do that, then you’re able to get beyond the rose-colored effect of something that is a block. And then you’re able to see what it’s like in an emptiness or in a silence and, thereby, let go of it.

But if you’re unable to do that, then you support or hold onto that, you sustain or maintain it with your perceptions of yourself, and you carry yourself in a particular vibratory format that can be shaped by concepts and principles, upon which you see yourself, and that your personality and way of being then is caught up in those kinds of concepts.

An example is the difference between being spiritual and religious. A person who is religious has set ideas and mannerisms, and it affects the way they carry themselves and conduct themselves. And those set characteristics are blocks. And a person who is spiritual recognizes that whenever they see themselves conducting themselves in any kind of way that is set and defined, they have to look at that. Why are they doing that? Because any way of carrying, and maintaining, and having to project a quality that has a presence, or a demeanor, that is imposing upon life is a block.

And so the way I dreamt it was, I took and I would work with the fire energy of blocks where something is speeded up and, therefore, when it’s speeded up it can have an effect that has a little bit of a spell, or a stigma, that can be placed on you when you’re affected by something that is speeded up.

Now, if you take and you slow something that’s speeded up, then you can have this sensation awareness, that pulls a sight through, that isn’t caught in that speed, and then you can let go of the speed and pull the sight through –  you have the focus and attention that can do that. And that is an amazing advancement trait.

Most people are careful not to get speeded up because when they get speeded up they lose their focus and their attention and their sense of groundedness. But just look how interesting it can be if you can get speeded up and, at the same time, inflect inside yourself to a quietness and have a sight that is the counterbalance of the speeded up. That energy works that way: it can be speeded up and then have the counter image that shows it slowing down.

You didn’t dream that. I mean, I’m adding more of how I looked at things. You just dealt with the basic where you have something that is a block, and you didn’t explain the characteristics of what can make a block. You just had a block set in place. And usually the dynamic for a reason why you have something that’s blocking your nature usually has to do with some sort of defense mechanism characteristic.

I happened in my dream to be looking at it in mannerisms that are other than what we would call defense mechanisms, that also serve as a block to keep one from going into the quietness, and the stillness, and the essence that’s at the epicenter of a person’s being – from which you then have this letting go process in which when you take the energetic that would be a type of block out of the equation, you can see more. But when you’re affected by the block, you’re rose color-blinded by that effect and then you tend to make decisions by that stickiness as if it in terms of it having its subtle effect.

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