An Energetic Cloak

veilslogoOften the hardest aspect of spiritual development is the ongoing need to face one’s own inner psychologies and defense mechanisms that have built up over a lifetime. We do this not to rid ourselves of them, or to cure ourselves of them – they served a purpose at some point, but no longer do. We do this to recognize the effect they have on everything we do and process, and that effect acts as a veil when we remain blind to it. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: The immediate effect and importance of my meditation experience is to put me in touch with the power of thought and how that affects my ability to let go of reflective outer conditions. Power of thought.

In the dream, I am observing the nature of three parts of myself. Two are calm, the third is expressively vibrant. This expressively loud condition, although it’s less significant in importance than the other two parts of myself, dictates the flow. In other words, because the other two parts are quiet, and whenever in life you have something that’s louder, it predominates. In other words, things rise to that denominator, subtler steps aside and works more as a mirror, if you can see it, or catch it, as a hint.

Because this part is dictating the flow, the ability to surrender to an essence or something, or be in a place where the perception to the innerness is appreciated, is blocked out or smothered out. You’d call it a block. What I am seeing is just how helpless I am when the energetic is speeded up and is firing off into the outer, especially in relationship to where you have to also hold a quietness that can inflect. You can be speeded up, but as long as you can pull the string on that and still inflect back from the speeded up instead of just being caught in the momentum of the speeding up. If you can’t then the other two parts of yourself, or the other aspects of yourself that are quieter, get thrown asunder because this speeded up way causes you to become too expansive and it takes over in terms of the effect of your clarity.

Because I am both speaking and am synaptically imposing myself upon the outer, in other words, when you’re speeded up and reacting it’s like a type of speaking something into life, and then when that is flowing out of you, and there’s a momentum of that energetic, you’re making an impression upon the outer. And people who tend to do that are often caught in thinking that that’s the way they have to be, and the more you think you have to be that way, or see yourself that way, the harder it is to take that into an emptiness or a quietness, because that’s a block. It has its impressions in you. You filter with that, as if that’s a necessary tool. I suppose in a strange way you could say it’s a defense mechanism, but a defense mechanism is usually used to hide, and this is something that you’ve taken on thinking that you need.

So, I am setting in motion an energetic and thoughts, which are going to make life difficult as I seek to connect to the emptiness of matter to awaken the essence. So, when you’re speeded up that’s pretty hard to do; it can be hard to do, but you can do it. I’m instead awakening things, you know momentum does that, too, with my energetic state, but I do it with a certain kind of influence. The influence is a bias of my personal way of being that is okay providing I know how to let go of this exuding synaptic effect so the subtler, deeper essence can come through, too, so basically behind all of it, it is able to predominate.

This is an example of how consciousness is dictated by the lowest common denominator of our being, and if we are relying upon something, or holding onto something, that is the lowest common denominator in our being, and that’s how we filter out, and maintain, or sustain something in terms of what we consider our well being. A lot of good spiritual practice to quiet the other two parts of my being gets blown apart by the loudness of a single area that I’m still enamored with.

So there was a subtle innerness that wants to be perceivable, but there is still something that’s more speeded up, a third area, and, as a result, going into somewhere deep with the two areas that were quiet wasn’t possible because I was under the dictums of this speeded up, non-letting go characteristic. In the outer environment I’m, in I notice the loudness.

Everything in the world is colored by this. It is a state that gets in the way of the silence and emptiness that is at the epicenter of all life. Mankind is by and large affected by such characteristics, and it is rare for a person to be able to set this aside so the quiet, subtler essence of their being can come out. It is even rarer for a person to be able to take the quiet subtler essence of their being and cause a reflection to a deeper essence to mirror across. This is hard and a rare condition because such consciousness is easily drowned out by the loudness of the energetic firing off that seeks to pull the consciousness to this denominator. If I am not empty and able to step aside from the spell-like projection, I will be affected and this leaves one in a state in which the lower common denominator presides.

The dream in my meditation state was important because rarely does one slow down enough to see the synaptic biases that they have put on as an energetic cloak. See, the theme of the dreaming is things that are blockages, and I’m looking at where I’m most susceptible in terms of being able to sort out the different effects, and in doing so I was able to get to a sight made possible only when this loudness is quieted, and isn’t creating problems reflectively.

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