Toward Mastery

heaven_mainIf we take our development journey into the realms of service to something higher, and keep going to a level that has been called “mastery,” what might that look like? And why aspire to it? Here’s a thought: to acknowledge that these levels of development are even possible for a human, it points to the notion that it’s possible only because that’s the way we have been designed. And if we have been designed that way, then that’s what creation wants for us and from us, to be an integral part of what is unfolding. In fact, to help It in its unfolding. And that’s a pretty amazing opportunity. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, the other key about working with the energies and knowing how to handle them as essential characteristics and qualities that are part of life, rather than going around and trying to purge them or to set them aside, like the saint is always doing, is that when you learn to accommodate it, when you learn to be able to play with it, when you learn to allow it to catch you, for example, as part of a container. When you learn to go along with the process of a flow that acknowledges and recognizes that something has to come down and touch something, and not be concerned that by doing that and touching something, that you are doing something wrong or something, or violating something in life, when you realize that it’s important that that quality of flow has to flow.

When you learn that you have to function and can function like this, this is what leads to mastery. This is what takes it the next step from the purging and the annihilating, that goes into just a nothing but a nothingness emptiness, but then mirrors things, but doesn’t necessarily shift or shape in terms of the energy coming through, out, and touching, you know, in some small way through a mannerism of the vibration, that you’ve run and flow through you. Instead of sitting in an absenteeism or in a mirror of that, you are taking and letting that flow through you and, you know, managing it.

So this leads to a big discussion in Sufism as to which trait, which quality, is the quality that gets you to God in the best way. And this actually is a big discussion in Sufism. The words I use is subjective and/or objective, in other words, the quality of being in a surrendered state where things come to you and you handle that in an emptiness. But often times, you’ve got to be careful because there’s a fine line to where emotion can get caught into that. Or it’s an objective, where you take and you can function in an outer, but in a way in which you’re not doing it for personal gain – or getting lost in that.

That’s how I would say it in using the language that I’ve come to look at things through, subjective and objective. Subjective being contractive. Objective being expansive.

But there’s also the word “Bhakti” and “raj.” Bhakti is the quality where you allow things to happen to you and you are surrendered in it. And raj can be where you’re the effector of the action, but you’re not doing it to take and manipulate, or for personal gain, or something like that.

So see how this is such a hard transition in a way? In other words, to begin with, yes, it’s kind of a light coming down and touching light, and getting to a point in terms of doing that where there’s the emptiness and everything. But then when the light rises up to touch light, that’s where you start the process of mastery. And from there, it goes again to something as a sight. In which from this sight, you can actually see more of what’s going to be kind of happening in the future. In other words, it’s a knowingness.

So, within our dreaming last night, there’s a big, big, big schematic and theme to it all.

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