A Oneness Essence

Gabriela Pomplova

“Life is an illusion” or going “beyond the veils” are just ways of saying that our physical world shows us only a partial truth. And that’s because everything in the physical world is caused first by something in the electrical world, or the energy world. In John’s dream, he finds an inner aspect of himself (another male character) taking a great risk to point this message out to him, and the risk that is portrayed speaks of the importance of understanding this message. Getting closer to what causes things can bring us closer to a connection with them. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: I kind of dreamt up a storm, in which it starts off where my attention in my meditation dream is towards an essence in life and not the outer flow. For example, my attention is towards the unfoldment from within of a vibration I know is there, and I see this as an imperative lying behind general appearances. In other words, the appearances are one way – I’m trying to not let those appearances shut out, or cut off, my recognition of something as an inner vibration.

So in the meditation dream, not only did I notice that everyone else saw things in terms of appearances, as if it’s an outer dynamic in life, but I also noticed that I had to be simultaneously focused upon the energetic vibration rooted within from which the image was spun. In other words, that’s what was really going on, is that. In other words, not getting caught in trying to understand the reflection because that’s just a reflection.

Once I detected the inner depth of an image, in other words realizing as that inner depth, that makes me compelled to honor and protect this as the imperative essence. In other words, you can see things happening in the outer that can be reflections and they can be kind of screwballish, but if you can see behind where that’s coming from, then where it is really coming from at some depth within, that’s what you have to hear, honor, and adhere to and protect.

So the outer appearances that others focus upon are for me nothing more than a reflection of that inner essence that is the aliveness, the vibrational aliveness, that I find is my imperative to know. In other words, this has caused me to let go of the general outer appearance that the collective outer consciousness relates to, in other words, let go of it from the standpoint of not overly focusing upon it, in order to delve into maintaining, sustaining, enhancing, glorifying, and detecting the subtle inner essence behind the outer appearances. Which is the same thing as saying, when I am confronted with an outer image and I am getting carried away by the outer image, to pause, to reorient, to get back to what is the primary attention, in other words, in which the flow is coming from by asking, in a sense, what is going on behind this appearance?

An example of how I found myself compelled to maintain and protect this inner essence was portrayed in the following image. I’m accompanied by a person who has a sense about things which go beyond general appearances. In other words, what I have done is I have gone with this guy to the height of a flow, which basically, in the image, is I’ve gone to the top of a building and at the very top, in order to try to get me to understand something, he has gone over to one edge and is kind of holding on to that one edge in order to try to show me something. And this is a threshold that he has to go to to try to get me to grasp what is important in the unfoldment, because he wasn’t getting my attention.

So in doing this, he has actually done something a little strange in terms of an outer reflection because I recognize that where he is situated is tenuous. The timbers and construction of this part of the building are very old and although on the surface they appear okay from general appearance, I know that they are in a condition that is breaking down, which means that whole thing could collapse and down he would fall.

So, the appearances are deceiving because to be at this point is to be out there where from within there is a danger that is nearby. In other words, he’s reached that depth. He’s gone to that extreme in order to try to make a point, even though I’m sure he doesn’t even notice he has put himself out on a limb and if that were to collapse it would compromise the most precious thing lying there within, in other words, striving to bring it out but putting himself in a precarious position in terms of trying to get it to come out. And I flash to the danger that exists and realize that irregardless of what he is saying about and how he is acting in relationship in the outer, it’s this inner essence, the preciousness of what it is that he represents that’s behind all of this, that this has to be protected.

In other words, I can’t let him for the sake of trying to help the situation even though he’s doing something that might even be ignorant, I can’t let harm befall him because I catch up with the essence behind who and what he is and I have to honor that, even though what he may be doing in an outer way may be very estranged. In other words, in the dream I see this person who has gone way out there in a capacity that’s out of the norm, clinging to this outer edge of the building, having gone there in order to cause me to see an outer feature which needs my attention in terms of sustaining and protecting.

But I reflect to the innerness, and when I reflect to the innerness then my whole attention is in terms of sustaining and protecting the essence therein, of which he is part of that essence. He has put himself on the line, so to speak, for me denote this inner hiddenness. And if I can see more than what is going on as a reflection, I will come to see how all of this fits in to the overall whole. In other words, I will see something on an inner level happening.

What I am seeing in this image is that I am finding myself able to set aside an outer appearance that everyone believes to be the issue at hand, and when I set it aside I see what isn’t being said, and am focused upon the subtle inner energetic lying therein. As a consequence, I can see that which could destabilize this essence.

In the dream, I see what it took to get my attention. I am touched by that and I am compelled to honor, sustain, maintain, and protect the outerness, even in its unconsciousness, in order to usher in a subtle sensitive and tenuous inner essence behind the outer appearance. I see a protecting force at play behind everything I do, and I am compelled to pay it forward with everything in my path when I, too, recognize something more from within in the outer.

Okay, now this is confusing. So what I am saying is that there is a deep inner consciousness that sees through my plight, knows how to take my outer peculiarities into consideration, is able to set aside those outer appearances in order to support and enhance an inner essence that is seeking to emerge from within into my consciousness and to my attention.

So as this inner essence emerges from within, I become more intertwined to the whole. As I become more intertwined to the whole, a oneness principle in life opens up through me, as well, as I do the same thing. As I see that which is going on in an outer way, I look beyond the dense appearances to recognize the inner oneness essence at the core. That is where I focus my sincere attention.

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