An Inner Power

G. R. Exper

Outside in a field, horses can look beautiful. Yet if you were to find them inside your house, their immense power would become very clear. In this dream, horses are kept inside the house, with horses signifying an unbridled power, and the house symbolism pointing to an aspect of the inner life. As the dream unfolds, the connection to an inner power is not made, which leads to a sense of being on the run from a power that cannot yet be handled. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I felt like I had a series of dreams in which I seem to be running from something. And I found the man I ran with, and it was like it would be who would hide us or who would steer us somewhere, like some British people helped us once, elderly.

And another time we went into one of his homes and I explained some people had even been keeping some horses in the rooms of his house at one point, and that was wrong, because the horses could have hurt themselves the way that room was constructed.

We had to hide when we went in there, and some people walked by and saw us but there was only one person in the crowd that would have, I guess, reported us and it felt like all the other people distracted her and would just wink at us as we were on the run so that we could continue.

So it just felt like I had a series of dreams that were just hard to pull out, but they were all about kind of, you know, I seemed to always be on the run.

John: So the dream is pointing out that where you end up going is into a house that has horses – that’s where you end up going. The horses signify power and power is, generally, because you’re running, and you find the power and it doesn’t seem to help you, and then nobody recognizes that you’re in trouble.

How do I describe what this means, looking at this from how I dreamt? So, what is going on is that, on an inner level, you’re not able to find the relief you need, because in the outer you’re not able to find the relief you need. You’re not finding the relief on either level, but it has to do with on the inner level no one is recognizing. The part of you that should recognize what is going on isn’t doing it, and those that are just in the outer aren’t going to be able to help you because they cannot perceive on this level. They just look at things as how they are in the outer.

And what you’re trying to catch up with, in other words, the sight that you need to use to catch up with things has to do with inner power because you have got the horses inside. So what you’re doing is you’re dreaming a dream that is inflecting something outside of the outer appearance of things, that seems to have an obstruction to it for you, because you’re not taking in and perceiving what there is to perceive, that you’re meant to perceive, that lies on an inner level.

And you have to perceive this for yourself, based upon catching up with the inner sensation of power, not the outer sensation, but the inner sensation of power. And none of this corresponds or correlates to how things are perceived in the collective in the outer. And so where you look for satisfaction in terms of the outer array of things, you can’t find it because you’re not supposed to look in that particular way. You’re supposed to be able to perceive, what you need to perceive you’re supposed to be able to be with what you need to be – on an inner level.

The theme of the dreaming had to do with conduct that we tend to do that is in an outer way and that conduct is, in the schematic of things, not important. It’s reflective of an energetic and vibration that’s on the inner. And we’re supposed to somehow or another go beyond the way that we’re thrown around by things in the outer that keep us distracted and trying to resolve things in an outer capacity way. We’re supposed to go beyond that, and recognize where that is coming from and the deeper meaning that’s important in all of life, by which everything is viewed.

And this is how the teacher perceives the student, is in terms of this inner awareness and awakening. Now, to awaken in this capacity you have to merge into the essence of that reflection of the inner that comes from the teacher, and the teacher’s not interested in your personality, or in what it is that you’re doing, does not get caught up in that because that’s just a dance and has no significance. But that dance reflects and refers to something that is the basis upon who you are, and what you are, in terms of a connection of the soul. And the teacher draws this out so that you merge with the teacher, and then through the teacher then you’ve merged with the world’s soul.

In this dream, the quality that is like the teacher is the one that could have seen you in terms of your plight, where you are fumbling and seeking to adhere to, and hold on to, an inner condition – and that is hard to do because that quality that was there that could have seen this, that could have been like the teacher for you, wasn’t there. And so you’re left without that to have to rely, and find that, and know that on your own, as a wholeness, on a world soul level.

And you’re not accustomed to having to perceive and look at life like that. You’re used to looking at things in terms of outer consequences, and outer significance. And everyone else looks at things in that way, but in this particular instance, you’ve been shifted to where you have to perceive things from the standpoint of what is meaningful on an inner level. Unusual dream.

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