Doorway to the Flow

07-065aIn this simple imagery we can get a sense of what it means to become part of something bigger. And, of course, humans are born into a much bigger universal process that has little to do with how we spend our lives. So to get the feeling of what is possible, this dream shows that everything has its place and its purpose against a greater backdrop. It is the journey of our lives to understand that, and to naturally fit in to what is already in progress. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: While it looked like you were dreaming up a storm, it felt like my dream was very simple last night, and orderly. If I had to put a word to it, it was almost like “preordained.”

The scene I remember most of my dreaming is, it feels like it’s set in Oregon, but maybe in a dry part of Oregon. And there’s a card table. It must be a large card table because we lay down on it, and anything on that table seems to have a position, or a place, whether it’s a person or it’s an object.

It must be a large card table because people can lay down on it, several people, and there might be objects there, too, but everything seems to have its place on the table. If it’s an object it has a place where it lays, and if it’s a person it has a place that it lays. And I’ve come and I’ve laid down next to this man, that reminds me a little bit of you.

And then he gets up and he’s to go run a race, but I even think he’s going to win this race. And somebody else questions that, and it feels like I explain something to them. I don’t remember what I said, but it was more like a sense I had. It’s like everything in this dream was… it just all had its place, and it had its function, its order in which it did things, and the word that came to me is it’s almost like some things are just preordained.

John: Well the theme of the dreaming last night, that I noticed in terms of myself, had to do with recognizing how it is that a flow needed to be recognized, and followed, and brought through, or maintained. And then even noticing, in the subsequent dream, the awkwardness when you just didn’t get it, or weren’t maintaining.

In your dream, you don’t have the detail and the struggle of whether you’re in the flow or not in the flow, you just see yourself as in kind of an outer scenario in which the card table represents the flow and you’re able to sleep on it – and sleep on it in a natural way. So that you’re kind of in the flow, and you’re in the flow to the point where you can actually see that those who are in the flow all are able to plug in and do something in an intertwined way, that varies from maybe person to person, but is connected from the standpoint that the card table represents the flow, is like the gate that you go through, or the doorway to the flow, and that what ensues from that is all kinds of things that may vary, or differ, happen that are in accordance with a natural unfoldment.

Jeane: Yeah, and if anybody said anything they said it very briefly. They had a phrase they said, maybe, but it was a phrase. Do you know what I mean? It was brief. Everything was succinct.

John: Yeah, everything was brief and everything was succinct because there was an attunement, that each person held on to, that represented or imaged their connection to the flow. And that to dwell upon it, or to try to describe it and whatnot, would be to take one’s self into kind of some nuance or something.

They just were naturally doing it, and so if there was anything to say it would be kind of nonchalant and brief because the flow was the flow, and the other that spoke about it, or talked about it, or related to it, was inclined to create a bifurcation, or keep it from being… I mean, when something is working, it’s just working.

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