A Wonderful Mosaic

Eduardo Rodriguez Calzado

The tail of an ermine hanging in a field may seem an obscure dream image, but it is actually a huge idea brought down to a very simple form: what the dreamer has access to is only a partial picture. Pieces are missing, even a person is missing. In our development, it is up to us to weave ourselves into the fabric of the whole. Said another way, the whole exists, and we must intertwine ourselves to become a part of it. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I was real tired last night and didn’t dream much. The only thing I remember is a fragment of a dream that when I’d woken up that I was looking at a field and I was seeing an ermine, you know like you hang, an ermine tail.

Well, ermine is kind of like a black mink. Well, it’s hanging there in the field, and it was part… I think it was a woman teacher had been missing, almost like stolen you thought, and the mink had disappeared with her. Her husband had reported her stolen.

So I see the mink has showed up now in the field, so I’m going over to track down what had happened to this mink – because I partly believe that maybe the husband, rather than having his mink and woman stolen, had maybe traded them, or given them away, or done something with them. So, I think if I get the mink I can figure out what really happened.

John: Well, only in this case what you have is something that has gotten lost. And what you have is you have an open field, and then that’s hanging, reflecting something that’s able or meant to be.

In other words, it’s an image that the feminine can have in terms of the wholeness and completeness. What a ferret or weasel represents is the taking advantage of an opportunity that comes before you. And so, of course, that’s a little bit of a crude way of saying it, but in this particular case what it is is that it is something that should be naturally realizable, or revealable, and isn’t in this particular dream scenario, and if you are able to bring it through, it then portrays something that’s able or meant to unfold.

So what the dream is kind of saying is that there is a part of your process of sight, that you are still yet to catch up with, that inflects a sight or a knowingness in terms of how something is designed to be in the overall. In other words, the ferret, or the mink or whatever you want to call it, is simply reflecting that in the outer, in other words, that there is still a gap between a potentiality coming through from the inner that then gets reflected into the outer. There’s a gap there that is eventually going to get filled.

And so you’re having a dream showing that there is this gap. In other words, you’re in an overall scenario in which something is meant to exist, but it’s gone, it’s not there as intended, as possible, or as your awareness is capable of taking in, in terms of the innerness of it all then that reflects outwardly.

The theme of the dreaming, of which what you dreamt was a component of it, has to do with being able to recognize and see what is meant to be, what is meant to unfold, what is meant to occur, and to be able to see it in the context of what is called prophecy. In other words, there can be something that can feel wonderful on a sensation level in terms of how something takes place. In other words, you can only go up to a particular point with it, when this other just seems to have all kinds of ways that it can be utilized to enhance an unfoldment.

And so as you catch up with the speed of that, you can catch up with the ideas that are faster that can touch and invigorate things – and that’s a type of mastery. But in order to properly bring it through, you have to see what is intended, or otherwise a wonderful idea can be a wonderful idea and a wonderful sensation, but it can be flat in terms of how it’s received.

And so what the dreaming is intended to do is it is taking your little image in which something has yet to come into focus, it is taking that and saying that the proper focus includes the overallness of everything in life. And when it is like that, then it fits the design of what is able to occur. Just because you can see something that no one else can see, and in the present it can appear to be a wonderful expression and a wonderful portrayal, doesn’t mean that that will stand the test of time.

And so this is a dream that shows you how it is that prophecy is actually unfolding – and we haven’t been paying any attention to it. An example of this, in terms of the dream group, is that I can take and I can describe things and others can’t see it, and they can’t see it because they are still looking at the energy speed of the present. And they’re not able to see how this sequences and incorporates a future unfoldment, an inner coming into outer yet, on this level. And if they aren’t able to relate to that sort of thing, if they don’t note that sort of thing, they just can’t hear it. And they can look at it in terms of its nuances, in terms of their perceptions as they have them externally, reflectively, but they can’t necessarily jump that, fast forward that news reel so to speak, to where it is going. And prophecy involves being able to tell where something is going.

So most of the night was spent on understanding and looking at the nuances of something that is a type of sight, that goes outside of the orientation of the sensation function in the present. That generally helps to enhance the prophetic unfoldment, which has to do with a certain kind of mastery, but a mastery without the prophecy, without the sight of what is going to be in the fullness of time, even though that can be speeded up and can be amazing, it could still fall flat if it somehow or another gets off into a tangential quality, speeded up as it is, and as amazing as it can be, that doesn’t suit or fit the unfoldment over the test of time.

So that’s where a prophecy’s important in terms of when something is brought through, the sense of that in terms of how it fits with everything in life, and is supported by everything in life, and everything in life adds to it in some capacity, that is what enables something to not decompose, or denigrate, or become contaminated for a long, long period of time.

If you’re using the mastery of something and the sight and the speeding up to make something happen, but you’re running over the top of characteristics and qualities and mannerisms that kind of oppose that, or in other words, there’s a darkness that is being fought at the same time, then what you’re doing is laying the foundation for something that will become contaminated over time much more quickly.

They key is to include it all at the very, very beginning, and as you include it all you include the greater sight of everything in life that is taken into account then, that goes beyond what a person per se is inclined to be able to readily access. They access this through the intertwining with everything that exists in life. When you do that, you end up with a wonderful mosaic that has an aliveness that everyone feels because there are no barriers to it to create a veil, or a mood, or a tone to undermine it.

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