Icy Waters

modern-art-printsIf we are really surrendered to life, to the flow of it, unexpected things will come our way. But we must remember, we are not, at any point in our life, complete. We may have to learn something new to be useful to the path we have taken, or we may need to experience something different to allow a new avenue to manifest. It is best to go with it, and see where It will lead us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well again I seem to be struggling with just pulling out bits and pieces of my dream. It feels like I’m at some kind of a large event, and the purpose of this event is it feels like we’ll adopt children. Also, there are weddings going on, and there are kind of like trials, is what I would call them, where you have to go through really ice water.

And then you have to do something where you go through ice water sometimes, too, plus there are people getting married, and I’ve left the main event area and I’m getting ready to go back there. And when I get back there it’s like whatever we’re doing will be completed and we’ll get the kids.

I look over to the right and I see there’s almost like this area that’s almost like a waterfall and there are bride and grooms dressed like in wedding dress and tuxedo, and they’re coming and they’re going partway down the water feature. And you come to an area where you can stand a little, and then they might slide down the rest of it. And it’s ice water, and that’s part of what they go through.

And I’m with a group that would be going over there another way, but I leave my group and I go over to where the bride and grooms are and I manage to get down to the first kind of little plateau of the water. It’s kind of like two waterfalls, and I notice that so far I seem to be doing okay with the ice water because I’m wearing these cowboy boots that are kind of… they’ve got like a brass or a gold tip, and they’re all carved in whatever you call that, you know kind of like engraved. And they’re partly a deep red; only a little bit of them gets wet and it doesn’t really show when it’s wet.

And then I go down the rest of the water feature, and then I feel like I’ll be going over to where I’ll be getting the kids. That’s all I really remember. It was kind of odd.

John: The reason why the image is odd is it’s pointing out that you’re going to be required to go through some conditions in life that are not what you would select, or direct, in terms of how it is that a process is supposed to work. And that these conditions are part of bearing and carrying what is necessary to cause a process to be flushed through, and to unfold.

And the fact that the conditions are intended to be different in terms of any kind of conceptualization that one might have in terms of how things are accomplished, there’s this whole image of having to do all of this in icy water. If you imagine what icy water is like, it’s something that stops the heart. It’s something that is such a shock that nothing is able to really unfold.

And yet it is through this icy water, going through conditions that take in this sort of thing that is to occur, or befall you, that you’re able to reach and extend your beingness to that which facilitates something in the whole – which is seen by the marriage, and the ability to interact with other human beings on a level of their naturalness, in other words, there were children, adopting children and such.

So what you were doing as part of a dream process, that looks so peculiar, is you were just dumped into a scenario that you would have never chosen, or picked, or thought had any commonality, and yet by being plopped into that scenario you’re having to recognize and realize that the icy waters, and the heart stopping condition of cold like that transcended, facilitates, facilitates so much.

Who would have guessed? Who would have thought that it can work that way?

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