Building the Bridge

crossing-my-spiritual-bridge1It has been said that, what we are seeking is also seeking us. And that’s the fundamental premise of making higher connections through our intentions and our acts, because universal energies can only find us when we radiate universal frequencies, i.e., we’re invisible to them when we are caught up in our personal mannerisms and processes. Part of what we are trying to do is become visible to them, through our constancy and repetition. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: The main dream I have it’s like I’m sitting somewhere near where you are, and it almost feels like an outdoor area. And it’s like you have something that looks almost like the rebar that holds a bridge up, and it’s a shorter span, and it’s golden, and it threads through. And, of course, then it creates a span that you can create a bridge with, and you’re like threading it so it’ll go across something.

Well, to me it’s alright when you have this shorter span of, let’s say, five or six feet or something that you have to thread across an area, because maybe it’s come undone and you’re having to redo it. That’s okay if you’re doing that on your own, but you’ve been left on your own suddenly to thread something that’s turned from this golden color into this blue rebar. And now it’s over 20 feet long, and so I’m kind of staying nearby because I don’t think it’s quite fair you’ve been given that long a piece of rebar, that you have to do on your own, that you have to make fit through whatever it would fit through to go across the space.

And it’s like no one else is really helping, and I don’t even know whether I can help, but it seems like I stay nearby. And I’m a little miffed because it seems to me like they’ve given you, it almost feels like, a bit much for anyone to have to do that. But what I can do is stay by while you’re working on it. And that dream just seems to repeat a lot.

John: Well what’s interesting about this is what you’ve done is you’ve taken the other half… In other words, in the outer world you have two parts, you have time and you have space. And that seems to be something that you have to contend with, timing in manifestation and the spatiality in which everything has come together as something that is dense.

Well, in my dreaming, I was looking at, how do I reconcile the timing that exists in the outer with this place inside in which I have a sense of things consciously unfolding, but that comes as an innerness into an outer? But on the inner level there is no timing, but in the outer it manifests and sets itself up as a timing.

And what you did was, because the feminine is manifestation, you looked at it from the standpoint of space – meaning that it is something that has this manifested mannerism to it. When something is intertwined in manifestation it is designed, shaped from the inner. Well, also on the inner, just like there is no timing, there is no space, using the word space to indicate something that has a physicality to it.

And it’s caused me to reflect that, yes, that makes sense if the feminine would look at the presence, the grounding of things, or the manifestation of things, because that is her area and her realm. And I guess it would make sense that the masculine would have to look at the timing of things from an inner in which there’s no timing, the timing of things in the outer in manifestation.

So when you put the two dreams together – of which I haven’t related mine, but just looking at yours that is just addressing this one half of the variable – it causes one to realize that even though we walk around with our five senses and such in the outer, that what we’re really trying to do is we’re trying to bring the inner into the outer, and to bring the inner into the outer we’re bringing the timing and spatiality into this domain, Or, in other words, we’re bringing in something in which there’s a total stillness, in which there is no timing, in which there is nothing concretized as a set physicality.

When we bring it through into this realm it has that. I mean, that’s what our senses are able to perceive, and we are caught and lost in that, and we are relating to the reflections then of that. When that stillness, that emptiness, that place in which there is no time and space is what is real, and we are figuring out how to take, and shape, and design with that in terms of manifestation.

And you were looking at it from the standpoint of the spatiality, and I was compelled to look at it from the standpoint of timing. And putting the two together leaves me kind of in awe of the fact that that is what is real. That which is not timing and space being brought forth and worked in a way so that it is visible and recognizable in all regards, as a quality that we know as manifestation, which is here based upon timing and space becoming timing and space.

And this kind of goes along with the dream I had a few weeks ago in which I was looking at all of the things that were unfolding around me, when I was deep in meditation, and I just couldn’t buy into it. I just couldn’t get caught up in that. In fact, it actually tended to be easily forgettable, but what I found that held my attention as real was the way I carried myself while being in such a reflective way, or domain.

And I hadn’t been putting my attention upon how it was that I felt myself or carried myself inside, I had been putting my attention upon what was happening around me. And so in this meditation dream I was shown that what is happening around me is easily forgettable, but how it is that I am feeling myself is everything, and how that is the bridge, or the link, to the connectivity of the inner into the outer.

So what our dreams have done last night is progress this to the part where you’re now working literally with the physicality of something being shaped and designed from an inner, where there is no space, to an outer where there is a type of space. And I’m working with a timing from an inner in which there is no timing, to an outer in which timing comes in its due course as something then gets constellated.

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