Stepping Aside

noon-4It’s useful to realize that something that comes through us, that comes from within, or from above, is something new to us, something that we haven’t had or known before. So it takes us some time to process that download and put it into a form that we can understand and use in our life. If we do not let it unfold naturally, we will take what is new and turn it into something we have already done because it won’t have come through in a complete form. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: When I went to bed I noticed that within the prior meditation dream was something I had forgotten, which came up again in my sleep, the memory of it, which was an image in which there were clouds, and it was like standing on a bluff and I could see this: there were clouds up above and I could see above the clouds and the mountains were green.

And then everything below the clouds was desolate, and dry, and nothing grew. And so in my sleep then I take and I do an overlay of this image, in which this is being recreated or presented at a booth at the local fair.

Now it’s slightly different when presented at the booth. In other words, in the booth the image isn’t necessarily replicated as clouds, but it is kind of a barrier that’s set up in a way that is kind of manmade in which water can flow from this. And the person tending the booth allows viewers to take and sample the water, that is positioned in what had been in my meditation dream, a cloud level.

So, I have come along attending this fair, having gone to the fair and I walked up to this booth, and I am right in the middle of a performance that the attendant to this booth is putting on, in which she’s displaying what this is all about. And I’m impulsive. I just want to sample the water.

But as I’m about to do that, she kind of stops everything, brings everything to a halt; I have to wait as she then causes the display in which there had been water flowing to become a falling rain and mist that falls over everyone. I guess she considers that something that you should be impressed by, but because I’m impatient I’m still feeling impatient at having to wait this out. But I get wet in the waiting of this out, and I’m up closer than everyone else because as soon as my opportunity comes up and this little performance is over with, I want to sample the water to see what it was like.

Now the meaning of it, this is an image in which the rain and the mist that falls is like a grace that is coming down – and that is what you need to catch up with, because that’s what supports what needs to be – in terms of the inner coming into the outer. That’s what creates the transition.

And the statement of confirmation becomes a reflection, but what I am having to do is allow my attention to shift somewhere into that which is yet to be, instead of trying to be impulsive and just partake. In other words, step aside from how things are presently tangled yet as they’re being shaped, and be in a place that gives everything time to unfold, timing being the idea in the manifestation.

Because in the short run, although there may be a flow in the greater overall, that flow has to connect to the grace. And I apparently hadn’t thought of that, and am given this image in my dream to suggest that approach as being more in keeping with what is unfolding in terms of the constellation in the overall. Because in manifestation it takes time for things to physically materialize into a dense reflection, in which the outer has been shifted by the inner.

To begin with it comes in bits and pieces and you have to see through that, but it takes awhile before that just becomes something as a whole new way. And what I am doing is being too impulsive in trying, over the short-term, to capture the timing within manifestation. I can catch up with the process on the inner, where time has no meaning, but I have to seek to wait for this to set up. In other words, I have to find that patience that allows it to set up.

The waiting is for a realization within that takes time to manifest outwardly as a set, overriding shift. Said another way, I am accessing with my consciousness an inner to outer in which, if I am patient and wait, there is a grace tied to that that goes along with what is being shaped and designed. To be too impulsive tears at the gradual intertwined unfoldment and, in doing so, I bring upon myself unnecessary grief.

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