A Condition We Carry

marked soulHere is a dream that anyone on a spiritual path is capable of dreaming because it shows the inner dynamic where we create our own veils that hinder or prevent our inner awakening. And as we are all the characters in our dreams, it’s important to note that the main character in the dream is trying to help a female friend, which is really one inner aspect trying to help another inner aspect let go, or move forward. That takes us to the heart of development, because every part of us needs to be in agreement for us to really progress. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: All I remember about my earlier dream is that maybe I was working in a medical setting again, but then the dream switches and I’m less in a city and more in the country. And my class is having a class reunion, and it feels like either during or following this class reunion there are some people in the class that are involved in making a movie with this one girl.

And this girl seems to be involved in kind of a masochistic relationship with someone there, like she’s not exactly abused as much as used in some way, and I’m aware of this. I’ve kind of seen the dynamic and I would like her to break free of it, but I can’t, you know, it’s her life, so to speak.

And I’ve backed off a bit and, like I said, now I’m a little bit more in the country than I am in a city setting, and some other people I’m with there have gone and visited the movie set, and they come back and they tell me what’s going on. And then she comes and visits and they’re there. Well, they don’t know certain of the dynamics, but it seems to me like they’ve brought back something that to me represents this kind of relationship she has, where she gets used. I just know it’s symbolic of that.

And she looks at me as though she doesn’t want me to tell them that I’m aware of what’s going on – and I don’t. I’m just observing, but at the same time I observe that in my right hand I seem to be holding theses mala beads, and they’re really large. They’re like probably a little larger than an inch, and they’re round, and they’re turquoise, and I seem to be focused on holding those in my right hand and still hoping that she’ll break free of that pattern.

John: So the theme of the dreaming last night had to do with recognizing that what is occurring in the outer is influencing, or is an overlay, to something that is awakening from within.

And your class reunion is like trying to go back to discover something at a depth inside of yourself, in other words, a reawakening. The woman that you’re with, that you know, is example after example of something in which you know about her that sits at a depth, that needs to come through, that has been kept hidden. In other words, it’s not being lived, it’s not coming out. It’s sitting pent up or dormant beneath the surface. The outer conditions are predominating, yet this is more important and needs to come through.

The mala beads symbolize the attunement or holding of a connection whereby that awareness is kept activated. People go through mala beads and stuff like that to try to still function in the outer, but hold an inner awareness. In other words, that’s the whole of purpose of doing the dhikr, too, is to hold a vibratoriness to an echo of a depth that’s deeper inside of your being – in terms of how you really are somewhere on the inner – so that whatever you’re reflecting into the outer is not overly consuming your attention.

In other words, the innerness is still kept awakened and alive and quickened. That’s the reason for using mala beads, and that’s what you’re essentially seeking for your friend, or basically for yourself, is you’re denoting that you have the predomination of things that create a veil, or sheet, or protection against catching up with this inner awareness. It’s this outer that’s sitting there and is holding court and, in your dream, you see yourself as if you’re trying to eradicate that, or free somebody else up that’s afflicted like that, when what you’re really describing is this condition that you carry, in terms of yourself, in which there is this lying just below the surface needing to come through.

What you just described as a condition for yourself is really an overriding, prevailing condition, and that that light or that connection to something from within is something that echoes there in the background and you can’t get it to shake through. What you were dreaming was the fact that you have this awareness of this quality inside of yourself, and that you have outer conditions and such that you’re doing that are kind of keeping you from being as directly in tune with it. And your dreamworld is even providing you hints as to what you can do to try to take a step, you know, pointing out that you have to maintain or hold a particular kind of attunement, which is what is symbolically represented by the mala beads, and that is important for you to work towards.

Of course you see this in terms of dealing with this in terms of your friend, which is important for you to recognize that behind everything you do is this inner awareness that is what is really real.

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