A Fluid State

5szdWe all know that “in the zone” feeling where everything seems to fall into place, or we feel so connected to a movement or skill that it becomes effortless. But how many of us can control that, or tap into it when we want to? Many might think it takes more practice to achieve such a state, but more often it is a matter of letting go to the moment and letting the fullness of us – the brain, the body, the senses, the instinct – all work in the harmony that is natural to them. Because it’s not natural to be out of sync with ourselves.(At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: I dreamt up a storm, it seemed like.

In the meditation dream, what happens is a repeat image of something I saw before in a dream. And in the first time I saw it I was able to see myself be in an effortless state and participate, or be competing, in a track and field race. And because I was able to be in a letting go, completely fluid state, I was able to easily win the gold medal, almost like an Olympic event or something.

And I was impressed by the demeanor I saw, and I guess the fact that it was there, I just naturally assumed that I could replicate this whole thing again. In other words, I didn’t necessarily train real hard or whenever, I thought I had it.

So the whole thing now has to happen again, and the result is that I have failed to bring the flow together like before and, therefore, not only didn’t I have any chance of winning, I shocked myself on how badly I did. Because even having been one extreme, I now go to the other extreme. That just didn’t make any sense to blow it so badly.

So I looked and looked at the result and I was trying to see what it was that I needed to do that could improve or cause me to get beyond what I was doing wrong – because it’s like as far as I could tell I didn’t do anything any differently in this repeat dream image race as I had done in the first.

Now the first time I dreamt it, the dream had a different sense to it, and a different value. It pointed out that there was a way of letting go from the nuances and the mannerisms that make one stiff and whatnot. There was a way of letting go from that, and being in a fluid inner connection, and at times that can just be there for you and so you don’t have the usual limitations.

Well, this dream now has stepped this up to the point where you can’t take that just into consideration. You have to hold and maintain yourself in an attunement. And so I’m back to analyzing what it is that was amiss on something I was expected to win.

So as I play the image over and over inside myself to see what I did that limited, our kept the potentiality from being there, in other words no longer taking the race for granted, trying to see what was different in terms of having won versus this time I didn’t win, and what was so different about the focus and attention. What was there that was different physically, focus and attention, inner into outer, what?

To figure it out I went through again what happened. There is an inner connection I held which connected to a natural flow within that I was unable to replicate again. I lost this connection which I had somehow fallen into, and now I thought I could just take it for granted, and the connection I had had to this inner awareness no longer existed, no longer was readily there, as it somehow was, as kind of a gift or something, or just kind of an epiphany, as it was the first time I ran this race.

The meaning is that there is an inner acuity, which flows from the inner to the outer, that if experienced, holds a knowingness focus and attention that shapes the end result outer reflection. So if you hold this, and that you hold it in the overall, and depending upon how you hold it, you actually co-create things that can happen.

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