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Anton Rodionov

The world is a relentless seductress to whom we are always vulnerable to succumbing to her charms. That is the reality of our journey. Anything, anytime can pull us back into the ego-focused personal view of our life, which causes us to disconnect from our higher guidance. And our only real defense is the vigilance of being consciously aware of what we are doing and why we are doing it. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, the next dream, this time in my sleep, I’m sleeping now and I’m watching myself and feeling a vibration in my sleep as I’m sleeping. And I notice that I am able to monitor commodities and what they’re doing in the world, with my inner psyche, as I sleep.

It’s like I’m frozen in the sensation of doing this and, I guess, unless this had happened I wouldn’t have noticed in this effect of the sensation that it is overwhelming my sensibilities. It’s a sensibility that can connect in a different way other than just doing this, which is kind of personal.

And this is brought to my attention when the following occurs. A person just suddenly slides… just like you’re in a ground floor motel and it has a sliding door that opens to the outside, and a person from the outside suddenly enters my hotel room, sliding this glass door open, and I wake up. I can clearly see them. In fact, I’m looking at them to such a degree that if I was an artist I could draw what they looked like. That’s how much I looked at her.

I couldn’t shake the trance I was in because I was still inside myself kind of monitoring an inanimate object kind of thing, and because I’m in such a stupor and am caught up in this trance of being in this whole other level, or mannerism, that I am easily… this person just walks over and chloroforms me back to sleep.

And the person was a woman, the thief was a woman. And she paused for a second to see if I was going to be able to put a worthy resistance and somehow she just could see that I was still in my deviated stupor and not really able to properly defend myself.

The meaning is, is I am unable to be responsive to the need because I am caught up in a deviated focus of attention. In other words, that’s like a trauma when you’re like that, just like when you’re caught up in the outer to such a degree that you don’t catch what’s going on in the inner. This is kind of the same thing.

If I were interconnected with the inner heartfelt vibration in life, instead of the psyche misuse, I would have been able to be responsive to the situation and intrusion. I would have been able to react instead of being caught in the veil I was in that kept me lethargically asleep.

This dream reflects my illusory out of place orientation with the following symbolism. The sliding glass door is an illusory veil between two planes of existence. The woman who puts me back to sleep before I can come out of the trance, realizes that I am powerless when in this deviated stupor. Plus the woman is in charge of manifestation, so that’s why it’s not a guy – because they’re part of matter.

The purpose for this dream is to cause me to realize the energetic harm I am doing to myself when I abuse this inner connection to monetary illusory outer conditions. Instead, I should take the inner connection I have to all of life and use this awareness to awaken my heart further, a heart which, of course, touches everything in life, and so it rejoices in the expansion even. It doesn’t like being contracted, yet we do that. We do the most unnatural thing to ourself.

So, the deviation I am in is putting me into a trance that reflects into the outer as a stifled and lost in a frozen consciousness bewilderment.

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