An Awareness Process

Vladimir Kush

When a series of dreams from the same night are looked at together, the thread of inner guidance becomes clear. First we see a natural flow get disrupted. Second we see our main character chloroformed back to sleep. And here we see the inability to defend oneself (as an animal) with broken legs. But the solution comes in the imagery of the final dream where a search for buried treasure turns up something of value. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So the next dream, I see a cat and it’s picking on an animal that’s far bigger than the cat, that could actually hurt the cat. I don’t notice this right away, that this big animal is injured. Instead what I see is the cat biting the animal, then racing around in its agility to get the advantage to do something again to terrorize and infuriate this animal.

And then all of a sudden I realize that this animal has two broken legs, or limbs, and is in no shape to function in its usual capacity. And, of course, the cat’s owner is watching all of this, doesn’t realize that this big animal is handicapped, and so he’s kind of like laughing and carrying on as he watches the cat do these antics, thinking it is hilarious for this cat to be teasing an animal that could hurt it. He’s noticing the cat’s able to get away with it because he doesn’t know that there really isn’t any danger because the animal isn’t itself, it’s injured.

The meaning is that the dreams are about being in an energetic stupor. This condition injures a person into not being able to function or flow with life. In the first dream, the veils between the inner and the outer caused by an overindulgence in outer effects in which there is a lack of an inner awakening that is needed. In other words, I’m deviating it into a personal way of doing something, which is always in the outer.

In the second dream, I am using my psyche awareness to the inner in a personal way. I am applying it outwardly for my benefit rather than following the flow from within into manifestation. This is a misuse of an inner awareness in an outer way.

In the third dream, because I am not identifying with the awareness on an inner level, I come across as injured. I am not attentive to the situation. This is not much different than the first dream where there is an energetic stupor. In the first dream… I mean in the second dream, it was just like the stupor, too, I couldn’t come out of it. I’m not able to shift because my focus is misplaced.

And then I have a fourth dream. And the fourth dream points out why I am going through the dream awareness process like this. And I am looking at this to begin with, and why I’m documenting it. I am coming to know my stupor trance amnesia injurious energetic condition, and I’m documenting it.

This is an important contribution to the overallness of life, because in the fourth dream it starts off where I am observing a person who is using a metal detector. He is sweeping over the ground to try and identify something buried in the ground that has value. And, of course, I just assume that the metal detector works towards metal, but suddenly this is an unusual metal detector in that its monitor says that it has located something buried in the ground that is worth $8.63. So we have to dig to find it out.

And so he digs down and what he finds he then hands to me to examine. For some reason I even knew what it was going to be before he found it and handed it to me. It’s a little veiled when he hands it to me, but in my mind’s eye it’s really crystal clear what it’s going to be. The detector had located a bundle of pens, eight or more, were kind of all wrapped with a rubber band together. In other words, they sold it as a package or something, all these pens, and they’re brand new, ready for immediate use. They were buried in the ground, but in my mind’s eye they were brand new. When he dug them out, of course, they had be cleaned up, or they were veiled a little bit.

The meaning is as I indicated above, leading into the fourth dream, what I am experiencing within – which comes out symbolically in the dreamworld – it’s like detecting inner valuables, in other words the metal detector, which are disseminated by way of pens, so to speak, written down, brought across into manifestation for its awakening or betterment. Isn’t that an interesting dream?

It’s almost like what one was dreaming as they were dreaming and how do you catch up with that innerness that is behind everything, and get yourself out of the trance of the outer that keeps you from catching up with what is real?

And then our efforts to do that are causing us to find that treasure, to get closer to that innerness, to which as we get close to that innerness that disseminates or effectuates itself out into the world etherically, or even by writing it down. In other words, really what it amounts to is as one is doing this the tendency, because of the way everything is so personal, the tendency is to think that you’re working on yourself, but you’re actually always working on the whole.

And pen is, it’s not necessarily the writing of something down either. It’s automatically released into the outer. Everything you do is all intertwined. The fact that you write it down might make it louder, but it’s already released. Just the fact that you take and you do this, you pull it out. The key is to try to figure out how to make it apparent enough, loud enough, so that others who are caught in the lost condition of how they rationalize and see things, because they only look at it in an outer way, suddenly can recognize that there is this trickling subtle energy that’s the real treasure, within themselves, that is lying dormant that they need to come to know.

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