Conscious Involvement

religion-eye-cosmic1In most ways, our experience in life encourages us to dumb down our sensitivities, meaning instinct and intuition and inner knowings. We are made to feel they can’t be trusted. But, in truth, if we trust them they will become ever more accurate for us. That’s a good thing because spirituality cannot be connected to through the understandings of our brain. It will come through our sensitivity to the energies that we become aware of and learn to be connected with. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, again I seem to be having these dreams where I’m doing one dominant thing that overrides anything that came before it, so all I remember is that thing I’m doing at the end.

And, in this dream, it’s like I’ve been traveling across country and I’m coming close to my destination, and I think I’ve been traveling overall, let’s say, Northwest from wherever I was, and my destination appears to be in Oregon, around either Eugene or Salem, something like that.

My preoccupation, as I approach where I’m going, is that I’m being able to drive the vehicle in an area that’s not covered, like I don’t want a road that has a lot of structures above it, or a lot of interference with traffic – like you get in Portland or something. I want something that’s open and streamlined. And so I’m totally focused as I get closer to where I’m going, that I find, I’ll kind of know the area where I want to be by how the roadway feels, and mostly it needs to feel unobstructed, or kind of free, above, as well as on the ground.

John: So what you’re describing, actually, you’re describing something that’s like a depth experience like being in a spatiality with it. Usually you’re not able to catch up with that kind of an orientation of wholeness because you have the mannerisms, and perspectives, of living in the outer, and so you don’t take and cover the unfoldment as a quality of experiential awareness.

Your normal experiential awareness is limited to whatever it is that you’re going through, as a dynamic around you. In this particular case, the underlying schematic that sets this whole thing off, is that there’s something in you that is working in a magnetic way. In other words, you feel compelled to be in a particular place.

And every individual carries this divine call, or quality of the divine inside, that percolates about, that’s, as they would say, a higher-self consciousness, even though we live in a lower-self manner in manifestation. And so you are hearing, or abiding and being drawn by this inner quality that is percolating inside, that you associate as if it is a particular place, like you say in Oregon or something, that is drawing you in that direction.

And then as you’re taking the journey you realize that you can’t find the sensation that you need to correspond with it, if you have to go through obstructions along the way. You need to have a free and open space.

And what you’re describing there is that to get to that wholeness, or that center inside of yourself, you need to have a freedom in the expanse, and in the presence, and in the grounded way that you experience the outer. You can’t feel all closed in and cluttered to get there.

You’re describing kind of the process of conscious involvement into the wholeness of all of life. You’re imaging it in terms of experience as to what it feels like, as felt in a kind of moving around in the outer, a moving around in the outer so that you’re not limited by the outer. You’re instead in touch with something that’s at the essence of the outer.

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