A Subtle Presence

1_sh_439132It becomes more and more clear that spiritual development, like any development or learning process, can only progress to a certain point – unless we begin to apply it into life. For example, if we learn all about music theory, but never play an instrument or write a composition, what has been learned will slowly fade away. By the living practice of our spiritual understandings we not only deepen it in ourselves, we add something good into the world for others to find. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: This is very, very interesting when contrasted with how the masculine dreams about it. The masculine has to look at it in detail, so to begin with everything is kind of incognito, in terms of the masculine, in terms of the consciousness that evolves. It’s like the clarity of things just don’t quite come through. I mean, you might have intuitions and senses about it, but it just doesn’t quite register.

And then after a long, long course of time the clarity or ability to experience something changes a bit, just like in meditation you initially just have a wonderful experience but you have no idea of anything. You don’t see anything, you don’t dream anything, you just wake up real soothed and it’s kind of like a type of glorified sleep or something – but it isn’t quite asleep.

Well, as time progresses as you get into this, this process has a way of kicking you out of the loudness of the outer identification, the orientation strictly to the outer. You’re trying to work from the top down to bring in the inner quality. And so the way the masculine would experience this is they get to the point where they can actually see the inches, inch by inch by inch by inch, as if you’re following the thread and suddenly you can see what you couldn’t see before.

And then it gets to a point where there’s a shift and you can’t see the inches anymore, and you’re still advancing, and when you hit that point in order to get back to being able to see the inches again, that kundalini energy that had awakened to the point where you could see the inches, has gotten to the point where now it has to have gone into matter and has to be lived. And so now what you see denotes something that has to be lived.

And so as you live that energy, or as you take it into something that has been unfolding within to something now in order to maintain something, you have to live that, or you have to take that into an expression. As you do that, then you start to see the inches again that had gotten all of a sudden too subtle where you couldn’t pick them up. And that corresponds to the idea that this is like now an awakening that is almost like a type of need to know basis where you have to be in a certain experientiality for it to be fed to you, or for you to be able to perceive it or to get it.

So that was like the meditation dream. I mean, it was kind of like a kundalini orientation. The masculine has got to eventually get to the point where it can see what the heck it is. In other words, it can intuit but can it see it? And it has to eventually get so that you can kind of see it, but then it gets to the point where it can’t see it anymore and that is where you have to go from the states of things that just echo around and go away if there isn’t a certain livability. And then when you get into the livability, that subtleness then can then become perceptively integrated. Let’s see if I wrote anything more of any significance about that. I remembered that. It is better than I remembered.

For a long time an individual develops within, and the progress seems inconsequential and goes largely unnoticed, especially in terms of the person that’s doing this, that’s on the path. They almost can wonder why they’re meditating, or why they’re doing this, that, or the other because it’s not on a level that you could put your finger on with your senses and your mind, most of it.

So there comes a time when what had been a process that was mostly of faith and trust, yields to the point where you can start to see inner signs or inner… you start to recognize things. You start to see things, start to note things. And this progresses to a point where the inner signs then get so subtle again that in order to stay with them you make it more conscious and real again in terms of a thread unfoldment that a livableness needed to also take place.

So in the dream that is depicted by foot long fish which symbolize a consciousness coming alive as an outer sensation that is invigorating and awakening. And to begin with it’s felt as quite an invigoration of kundalini energy and it is lived outwardly; it permeates into the outward as a dynamic. It is at this point though, through, the living out that then a visibility or energy is given or something or how you would say that, so that there is a further ability to recognize what had been too subtle to see.

Or to say it another way, it is one thing to experience the states within, and another thing to live them in manifestation, especially when you get to a particular point where a lot of the path has to do with just kind of getting yourself so that you don’t keep flinching at everything in the outer and you start to recognize that there’s the inner essence that’s the dealmaker of things that reflect in the outer.

So there comes a time in the path when the innerness must be lived – or it can’t be retained. And that is the central meaning of the dream image, and so there are two fish and one is selected to live out. Whether it’s selected over the other as an alternative or it is one at a time, it is hard to know because I only dealt with the one.

So how does that progress? In my sleep what ended up happening is first of all I have to advance this aliveness and outer/inner connection. In other words, I can’t just have it come down as something that’s really vibratory and then you figure out how to make the bits and pieces unfold. To begin with that’s how it has to work, and when it’s like that that’s just a precursor to something more. And this precursor when it’s like that pales in comparison to the awakening in which the perspective evolves as a kind of presence as an overallness to everything, to so much more.

When it’s coming down it’s loud and it bolts all over the place, and you have to make way for it, but then as it settles in it kind of goes into the energetic that you live in manifestation, and it acts in a way that permeates from that. What I carry has a depth in it, and by that I mean there is a presence when the energy is permeated into manifestation.

In the meditation dream it is coming through from the inner and is experienced as a quickened aliveness, but then as it settles and constellates this evolves and carries when it evolves a more encompassing presence which just permeates out. It becomes more of a subtleness. A groundedness prevails and the transmission is subtle. Whether that’s mystical, or whether that’s magical, it just is because it does effectuate things, but does it subtly.

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