Things Beyond

so1_500Many people have had the experience of the presence or the subtle awareness of a loved one who has passed. It’s an idea that provides an interesting view on what we connect to, because we can understand such deep connections when we have made them with people. And it is just that way with connections we wish to make in our spiritual journey: if we feel strongly drawn toward certain qualities, such as compassion, or care, we can make, through our acts and intentions, connections to those essences. In that way, a quality of compassion can actually begin to live in us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: This one’s really interesting. There are six chocolate cupcakes prepared to celebrate an occasion. These cupcakes kept taking on a vibration in which one of them corresponds to a person who has passed away. So I ate this cupcake prior to the celebratory event.

So the celebratory gathering will be without the aliveness of this inner beingness which is symbolically represented by the cupcake, which is gone. In other words, I have let go of that connection. Because I know his beingness vibratorally is part of manifestation, in other words, things do not really change, I take it upon myself to replace this. In other words, I can see that that was a mistake, that something that still has an aliveness yet.

So I take it upon myself to try to replace this cupcake for the celebratory occasion. I can do the chocolate, but what about the cake part? Suddenly I get a brainstorm and cut off a portion from an angel food cake, which is white instead of dark-colored, and I put that in the tray. I will then put the chocolate over it, and it will not be the same as the other five in terms of maybe the taste or something, but it will represent and appearance-wise this won’t matter.

The meaning is this is another example of maintaining an intertwined connection, vibratorally, to all that there is. Because the physical world is a reflection, there is no such thing as death. Connections are from within, and are from heart to heart. This essence never dies.

The relationship continues in another loci that we are not aware of – in terms of the physical plane. This dream portrays that deep down I have an awareness to this consciousness. It’s just like I can feel my dad, yet. It’s almost like you want to say something to him, but you can’t quite, but you can feel the vibratoriness.

You don’t have this with everything, but some things you do have and some people, there’s a person I know, and he doesn’t really relate to others very well, and he’s in a state of grief. And his dad passed away, but he just can’t seem to shake it – he was so close to him. And he feels that all the time. I think we just have this connection. Some people have a connection more so to an aliveness of things beyond.

And there was an old guy that I knew and I had a special rapport for him, with him, and it started right off the bat when I first moved in, like the first week I was there I went to an annual meeting or something and he was being attacked over something or another. And I kind of came around to his defense because I could see that this was too outrageous and the wrong attitude. And he and I were good buddies ever since.

And so when he passed away, and I get the card from his wife, I felt the pang in the heart. I hadn’t spoken to him and seen him for years, but it was just like there was something special there.

And I think we carry that. I think that builds, and I think that sustains, and there’s no such thing as death per se. And that when you connect, in an intertwined connection into what I guess you’d call the nothingness, all of the aspects of things that are in the outer fall away – and it all has to do with this innerness, and it operates on many, many, many levels. You have something in the outer manifestation level, but it’s always there on an inner level, too. You don’t ever let it go. That’s why it is important how one is towards the appearance that you don’t shut something completely off, because you can’t. It is always there. 

It’s interesting. We have that consciously. This is outside of time and space and, of course, we have to get outside of this motif where we make something so literal in the outer, in order to catch up with that inner.

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