A Sense of Things

dreams-flyingIn these two dreams we see how the inner guidance of the dream world progresses, and that’s possible partly because what has been revealed in the first dream was not rejected by the dreamer, but rather accepted, or “taken in stride.” When we resist what is being shown it can turn into a chase scene, but here the next phase of the evolution is unveiled, and that includes new responsibility that, in dreams as in waking life, can cause some inner anxiety. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In my first dream I’m a guy, and I’ve been running a race, and I’m getting near the end of the race and I have to go uphill and it’s difficult. I even have some papers in my hand, at one point, that I’m trying to sort through as I run up the hill.

And there are some other people that are coming and they’d almost like to help me run the race, but I recognize two things, one is this is the second time I’ve been running the race, so I’m probably even more tired than they are, but they’re having even more trouble running than I am – so they’re not really going to be much of a resource to me.

So maybe I’m focused a little on the papers in my hand, plus I know I just have to keep my focus on being able to finish the race because they won’t quite know how to do it. And I think I’ve already done it before, but I’m doing it for the second time.

John: It’s a reawakening of a memory. In other words, it’s like apparently what’s been going on has been stimulating a recollection, in your nature, of your past. I mean even the way D was asking you questions about your past and whatnot. All of that stimulates like a reawakening of the memory and, as you reawaken, that you realize that that past has accumulated an understanding, a recognition of things.

At the time you’re doing it you don’t realize it, but then there comes a point in time when that becomes something that is noticeable. I guess that’s what it’s like to become old or elderly or adultish is you have those qualities or characteristics that add a certain general overall meaningfulness to the environment, or the surroundings, because you have been through it in some fashion. You have awakened something in some fashion, and then that holds a value to that which is new, or still awakening, or still coming into its own.

And so you might say that was kind of the scenario of the environment we’re in, and so you had then this dream to show that you had a certain kind of memorable access that you could relate to inside that gave you a greater sense of freedom and sense of things than others, and that that was just kind of how it was, just kind of naturally the case.

Jeane: So in this next dream, it’s like I have a kind of thin, cranky father, who’s in a care home, and I seem to be staying upstairs in the care home. And he really wants to leave the home, but I know he needs the care.

And I’ve gone upstairs and it’s like, for some reason, I’ve picked up the phone and I’ve tuned in to a phone call between a woman and another agency and another lady, that they’re talking that know him. And I can tell from the conversation they’ve kind of encouraged him and he’s not adjusting, or wanting to leave, and things like that.

And so I listen to a little bit, and then I kind of blow up and tell them… you know, I’m even on the phone on the verge of reporting them because they’re kind of encouraging him to not adjust, or to leave or things, when they don’t really have any other plan for him. And he needs the care. So I’m just really irritated with them and I express my irritation.

I hang up. Then I go down the stairs to see how he’s doing. And I get downstairs and I think my sister’s there by then, too, and my Dad’s disappeared and my Mom’s in the bed. And no one seems to know where Dad’s gone to. So then I’m even more upset now because I feel like I’m going to have to find Dad. And I’d forgotten that Mom had come, so there’s this confusion of what happened to Dad. Anyway, that was pretty much that whole dream.

John: So what this dream did is it added to the awakening process, in that not only is something awakening in which you have an understanding, but you also have a sense of things as to how it should be, or things to come even. So what you’ve added is a quality of responsibility to the awakening. When you add a quality of responsibility to that to where then you have to have the sense of things, in terms of what is appropriate,, or in its right position or proper, and that can lead to a kind of reactive anxiety or something.

You might say the environment of what we have been through has also taken into account that sort of thing, as well, because as one evaluates what’s unfolded, and what’s shaped up, one has to ponder whether it is right, if it has some discombobulation about it that would then be a kind of a source or friction or agitation.

So what happens is not only does one have a sense of things, and that that sense of things that one has kind of gleans across. In other words, the middle part is where you still carry so much ego and such that a person just has to be accepted in terms of who they are. But as you get older, it’s almost as if the child-like quality comes back out in terms of something leaks through in terms of a gleaned presence or understanding of things – and that was your first dream.

And then, in your second dream, came the responsibility of what you understood in terms of whether, as you’re seeing and perceiving things around you, as to whether everything was in its proper place, or in its proper accord. And that then can bring on a kind of anxiety which can also then keep the veils in place if one projects the anxiety.

They key is to continue kind of in the nonchalant mannerism of an open, effused quality, in which you actually can tell how something should be or needs to be, but you don’t impose. You know how to work at it in a subtle way.

And so the dream is portraying a quality that you don’t readily show as much as I show, that has to do with a certain anxiety, or reactionariness, in terms of things being copacetic, in terms of how it is meant to be seen – based upon what you know.

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