Rhythmic Fluidity

Phillip Colla

It is easy to think that what we want is the most important thing at any given moment. But it’s worth realizing that every other living thing is also seeking its optimum fulfillment every day. Humans, though, with their freedom of choice, can become energetic shepherds of what is happening around them, if they let go to their personal view of life and begin to act on behalf of the universal unfolding. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: The mediation dream evolved into the following realization. This started out where it involved a person named Billy Burns who is a super nice guy that, for whatever reasons, couldn’t oppose anything. And so anything that he would work on, everyone else had the advantage. And so it was like, why even live? In fact, in life, he died early, because he had no strength to persevere with a momentum of his own, to fight anything.

An example was given to portray this. I have him on my football team, and it’s like my football team. And then there’s this other person, who overpowers in life in every way that he approaches life, and he has the other team.

After the game is over, in which, of course, the other team totally dominated us, I joke with this guy, that’s used to prevailing with everything that he wants, over how everything they did just ran right over us. It’s his perspective that that’s the way it’s supposed to work. This is what he expected. That’s how he sees life. So he’s actually kind of being humble when he indicates that there were five or six plays out of this whole game where we stopped them somehow and, of course, I realize that it was either by a fluke or because they miscued on the play, or some other reason, because they were so dominant in every position. But he gave us that. We could have that. Those five or six plays that didn’t work for them was our credit. But by and large, everything else is a complete catastrophe.

Well, that was an example, but there was something to that. That was given to us. There was no opposition. He was humble about that. He didn’t fight us on that, because he got what he wanted, and that’s the way it was.

I recognize that there’s a deep understanding. That’s why I want Billy on my team because he surrendered to this sort of thing and it happens and he doesn’t go and get beat up on himself and get all agitated as if it should be different. Because I knew that he knew how to work with his limitation. No one else saw how this was a valuable asset, but he did. As he let everyone succeed in an unopposed way with what they wanted. He took what didn’t interest any of them, that was left over, whatever it might be.

This approach achieved a steady, almost imperceptible advancement in life. Accomplishments came by way of acceptance. Behind the acceptance was a graciousness that unfolded naturally. This was a win/win situation, designed with the gracious wisdom and insight to always go along with the flow. And all opposition, which is a distraction, which killed the natural flow, was ignored or let go of.

To unfold as a divine flow under this consciousness, of being totally vulnerable, turned out to be kind of exhilarating. If anything was opposed that someone else wanted, in the end, you would get stripped or weighed down, and thus failed, from the natural flow.

The energetic vibration that arose from this awareness of being in a natural flow where everything that was a thought process that wanted this or wanted that, and it all was able to happen, and you facilitated the flow as a consequence of all of that, where everything got what it wanted, led to a kind of joy.

The freedom to see what was given by life as a natural process filled you with an exhilaration. The letting go and surrender enhanced the environment around you. And, as a result, you suddenly see yourself naturally intwined, as everything prospers, as it desires or needs, as the natural flow unfolds in its rhythmic fluidity.

Back to your dream, you take out the bearded approach, which is going to have a certain approach that works. And when it works in its way, it accomplishes things that, you know, and that’s why it got developed. It has a lot of power in that approach. But it has limitations, too, because it had its own setness.

And then the guy from Niger, what a state of identity. You can see him in that. Man, that is impressive, but at the same time, what does that get in the way of? And yet in terms of everything that approaches or is done in relationship to that impressiveness, it’s going to excel. But you can get confused by that. And then you could think that it’s okay to be a little like this, or it’s okay to excel like that, when what’s really needed is to let go of it all.

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