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unconscious-bias0We’re rarely fully aware how our attitudes and mannerisms limit our life and our experiences. And on a spiritual path this idea points to an even greater understanding of what it means to be in service to something higher, because life may urge us in certain directions so that we gain the experience that makes us truly useful to the universe. If we say no to such urgings, i.e., we won’t leave the job that eats up all of or time for one that pays less but offers us growth in other ways, we won’t find our flow within the greater unfolding. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, I had two dreams that kind of mingled together. And in one dream, it feels like I’m observing a man who has two servants that come from different traditions. In one tradition they dress like they do in Niger, where they’re like the turban and the dark blue robes and a camel. The other servant has a tradition where he has a beard.

Because he has these two servants, but he’s now living here where things are modern, he decides to have a contest. Whereas before he divided up what each one does based on their tradition, now he’s going to kind of see whether they can do new things that he throws at them and who can do them fast, or how fast they can get them done. And so, he’s trying that as an experiment to see how to get things done – and initially they do start doing things.

John: What you’re discovering and what you’re observing through this dream is that anything that you hold onto defines how it is that you can be. You are taking two particular approaches, or characteristics, or traits and you’re seeing that each trait has its way in terms of what works in the outer world, in life, for it.

Somehow, deep down inside of yourself, you must know or understand the principle that a true servant knows how to let go of absolutely everything, and doesn’t carry any kind of mannerism or motif through which they filter their approach to life.

You look at the one servant that has a particular attire that comes from the tradition of understanding servanthood as an elevated state of regality. You look at what his mannerism or approach can accomplish, that perhaps the other cannot accomplish. You also know that there are limitations in terms of having such an attire.

And you look at the other, who has a tradition maybe of a kind of a humbleness, but it too has some characteristic in terms of how it perceives or sees itself, or carries itself. But it’s slightly different from the other. And thus, you’re sitting and deep down you’re actually trying to come from the depth of being totally resigned and having let go of everything. You know, knowing that that enables a service to be more greatly enhanced.

And so, you’re proving this to yourself by way of noticing how when each thing that is still being held onto, you’re noticing how it can affect the speed and the flow upon which something, when presented to you, is able to happen. It slows things down. You don’t have the speed that’s needed when you don’t have and aren’t in touch with the natural flow.

So the person with the beard has his issues that hold him back. The person with the attire has the manner in which he has to carry himself that holds him back. And you’re trying to run an experiment for the benefit of these two sides of yourself that you still embody or carry, to prove, by way of watching and even seeing this for yourself, that to the degree to which you are inhibiting yourself, and don’t need to. That there is so much more that can happen if you dropped even all of that.

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universe-1920-2If we look at the bigger picture processes of the universe, it seems that we are in an evolving state or, said another way, that we are part of something that is “heading somewhere.” This can be evidenced by the uncountable aspects of life that show signs of a refinement process, i.e., they’re not finished but are still improving. So perhaps it makes perfect sense that one role of a human life in service to something greater is to be assisting that refinement process. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well I just remember one scene out of my last dream. In that scene, it’s like I have a brother who’s somewhat crazy and off medication. I’m with somebody else and I feel like they can’t really approach him because they’re going to disturb him.

So I’ve gone over to talk to him and I realize that he’s seeing ghosts. So I try to get him to focus on me so that he’s not focused on seeing the ghost. And I can ask him if he’s seeing ghosts because, you know, to acknowledge that something is causing him to freak out a bit. I’m trying to kind of get his attention on me so I can calm him down. And that’s all I really remember from my dreams.

John: What’s very interesting about this is you’re working with the image of how a person can be in life in a merged way. The idea of a student/teacher relationship from the standpoint of something that advances in a mystical, merged way is one of devotion. And, in the devotion, you become like the teacher who mirrors the connection to the wholeness, in which everything is intertwined in a state of wholeness.

So in the dream, you don’t look at the detail because you don’t dream in the masculine, so you just look at what it’s like to be in a state where things are able to be in a natural flow.

The theme of the dreaming had to do with flow, or evolvement. Or, as you have added in terms of the note or the dream, the quality of being in a naturalness in which everything is taken in as a wholeness.

In your dream, you start off in which the scenario in front of you is out of balance and needs alignment. In other words, you’re dealing with the quality in which there are reactions and a lack of cohesion because what is experienced is in discord, or is an illusion, to what there is that is plausible to be experienced in the environment. And you see this condition as a person that is caught up in seeing ghosts, and you’re using that allegorically to represent a state of imagination and illusion that keeps the person from being real in the naturalness of life.

And so you then do what the teacher attempts to do to the students, in regards to the devotional path, in which the teacher acts as the wayfarer to linking and intertwining to the divine. You step into the shoes of something like that, in terms of the divinity inside of yourself, and seek to have the attention placed upon this inner wholeness. When you see that there’s something misaligned and acting up, you naturally know how to try to pull that focus of attention to a vibration that includes all that there is in a naturalness in life or, to put it another way, into a merged essence.

You’re just portraying, in a very simple way, how things are meant to be, as opposed to jumping all over the place in some sort of illusory way. It’s an interesting way of presenting the theme.

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4o1_500When we speak of the inner guidance of dreams, it can come in many forms, but fundamental to that process is the awareness that becomes possible when we make the unconscious in us conscious. It’s connected to the idea that if we give our enemy a name, we already have diminished its power over us. That’s what consciousness will do for the struggles we face, and our best source of it comes from understanding what our dreams are trying to show us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: I probably could have written up a second dream, but I didn’t because the first dream I just kept looking at and going around and around with. And in the dream, what I see is a situation. I dream some outer situation thing in which there’s like a line that divides it between two sides, and on the one side in which at one point inside I knew all of the little detail of the way this was unfolding.

In other words, I was confronted with something in which a change is needed in order to be able to better cope. And so, in the outer, I’m looking at the peculiarities that are holding something back or that are in the way. And in this dream I’m observing what is needed to be able to handle the issues.

It’s not that I handle them though. I just know that as soon as I do, there’s a greater sense of beingness than what I currently carry. And not only do I see that, but it’s like I feel that this other half is like blank, and then this is something that’s in front of me.

And inside of myself I have a sense of a greater flow, but in the dream I’m confronted with the outer that has all of these peculiarities that have to be dealt with, and I know that this dream corresponds to an inner awareness that is awakening in a parallel way from within. The obstacles that I see in the outer, that I am affected by, are reflective, that haven’t changed, I’m able to see that they need to change because there is a reflective about something that can then naturally be in terms of an inner awareness that can break through once those little idiosyncrasies are contended with.

How this works is whenever you dream about specific limitations that they are outer barriers, for example, barriers to a process, such a dream is pointing out that a breakthrough – because when you dream it and you’re recognizing it, and then you look at it and you know that it’s a barrier, you need to know that you have to take and contend with that. And also in the dream it’s like you know you can do it because you could feel something inside of yourself that’s a carrying point or something. So you could take it on and, when you do take it on, you more than just observe. You then are able to have a subtle influence or effect.

And so this is like information, too, about how the dreamworld works, because in the dreamworld whenever a dream portrays an outer barrier holding back a greater experience it signifies that which you are perceiving as a barrier, it perceives it falling away. Well, it doesn’t perceive it falling away, it sees it just like if you’re able to reach up to something like the one dream that was told in Switzerland where a person is able to reach up on a bunch of drawers and weren’t able to quite open the top one, or reach that high, the fact that they could see that meant that it was intended to fall away. That they, in a sense, by seeing it meant that it was to go.

I suppose the thing that’s odd is you don’t know what the sequence of time is. In this particular case, I have a sense of the sequence of time because it has to do with holding to the natural – and then it just falls away. But if one keeps maintaining an established process or flow and identity, in terms of how you have to be in kind of a schedulized way, then it’s not possible I suppose to quite catch up with that natural, in other words, where you could see something but then you can’t quite catch up with it because you’re choking yourself in some fashion with what and how it is that you are looking.

And so when a person dreams in an outer situation in which they are boxed in, and a breakthrough is needed, and you sense it somewhere else even though you haven’t made the breakthrough yet, even in the outer, what this means is that a realization breakthrough is at hand from within that will be penetrating the limitation that you still see in the outer. In other words, it can change to a different reflective image.

So, I often do not realize sometimes that this is how a dreaming into knowing, as a process, works. In this particular dream I even had the sense in the limitation, based upon outer images or the scenario that was the dream scenario, that this has no effect upon the other half of myself, which is the inner half that knows that it can drop all that and move away from that. To have this as an inner knowingness, and for it to be like this in the dream, is portraying the process more or less in a type of literal terms and grounded terms, a challenge. It’s actually exciting. You just take it in. When it’s this obvious, it is hard to not note what is needed and feel that a shift is awakening to blow whatever it is that looks like impediments away.

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