Able to Reveal

relfSomething new is always a growth, or an addition, to what has been. In these two dreams we can see the unconscious mind representing the literal growth of something as part of the physical body, which is like a snapshot, or update, to the self that something is different. In the second image, the guidance has progressed to the image of wanting to share something with a group of young children, who also represent new growth in dream imagery terms. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I had three dreams last night. What I remember of the first dream is it feels like in that dream—and I think this happened to more than just me—initially I find that there’s these things that grow out of the top of my feet, and they’re like about four to six inches long and wavy, have a little bulb at the end of them, and I can sometimes pull—like a little bulb.

It’s almost like they’re not hairs, but, you know, like they have that shape, but they’re much longer and they’re wavy like they’re alive. And so you can pull them out or appear to cut them off, make them go away in a sense, but at first they don’t bother me because I realize you can kind of pull them out or kind of trim them, or get rid of them, but then I realize when I look at my other foot—there’s a whole bunch of them gathered together, and if you tried to pull them out there, you’d actually hurt yourself.

And so now I’m a little freaked out by them. I mean they have a certain aliveness and now I’ve realized how they come back even if you get rid of them. And, at the same time, if I don’t panic, I realize that you can kind of pull them out one at a time, or trim them, and there’s a way that you can have a certain relationship with them, but I’m a little freaked out by the whole thing. They’re very wavy and alive in a way.

John: The theme of the dreaming last night is catching up with who we really are. And this is kind of setting the schematic in that you suddenly see yourself as having this effect upon how it is that you’re able to walk, or be, in manifestation, that is different than how you had been inclined to see yourself. Because what you see, more or less almost growing out of yourself, is this interconnection that you cannot break.

Jeane: Well, then I have an interim dream I don’t remember quite as much of, in which I seem to be a young man.

I’m in the woods, and I’ve got this old automobile that’s kind of shaped like the old Buicks. It’s a black automobile and it’s got that kind of domed look to it. In it, I’ve gathered a group of kids of different ages. It’s almost like I’ve got them with me in the woods and I want to take them somewhere and show them something, but I also have to get them to hide themselves a little bit in the automobile before we leave the woods, because maybe they’re supposed to be in school and I’m helping them play hooky because I want to show them something, so I’m trying to get them to hide themselves a little bit.

John: This is a dream in which, that first part that you’re shocked about, that takes you by surprise, that you hadn’t noticed before, that has now shifted to where you are able to reveal and come out of a kind of amnesia in relationship to your surrounding.

You’re able to bring forth a certain beingness amongst others. You’re able to reveal that, when before it had been hidden or dormant, and unnoticed.

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