Reaching Something Within


As we develop on our spiritual journey, who we are changes. And that change can make us seem like an alien to ourselves, because breakthroughs change us forever. Knowings cannot be unlearned, they become part of us and we progress. And that is a beautiful thing, because it means that ground gained is basically established forever, allowing us to shift our focus to what’s next. Still, there is an adjustment period as we incorporate the difference into our systems. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In my next dream, I’m living in a time that aliens are now in charge of the planet, but they look a lot like humans, but they know things that we don’t know.

Both they and we are still learning some things about each other. It’s a little confusing because sometimes they can look just like us, but there’s a little more distinction to them in some way.

I’m at a home with a group of other people and we’re sitting in a group. Some of the aliens come and they will select certain people in the group and they’ll tell them about an ability that they have. So I’m very curious about this and then they’ll just kind of leave. That person now knows something about that ability, that the person himself has.

So, I follow one of the alien women, who seems to be a teacher. And she works at this place that’s almost like a museum. And even aliens are coming in and wandering around there and learning things and bringing their families. Because no alien has ever come to me to tell me any ability I have, so I’m curious, you know. I want to find out more, so I’ve ended up at this museum.

She goes to an office she has in the museum and I’m wandering around a bit looking at what the aliens are watching and then one of the alien family comes up and their baby has a fever, but they don’t seem to recognize fevers. So I take the baby and I wipe my finger across its forehead and I actually seem to draw some water off and remove maybe about two-thirds of the fever. And the alien mother’s watching me really closely and then I hand the baby to her, because I feel like now she knows what a fever is and she knows what she should do because the baby’s forehead is hot. But I also realize I’ve maybe taken away about two-thirds of the fever.

Then I wander back to the lady who runs the place. And as I go towards her office, I think it’s then that one of the aliens come in and bowls me over and I fall down, and they just go on, and then I realize well, there are some aliens that don’t really like humans, so that was her way of showing it.

Then I get to the lady’s office, the teacher’s office, and she’s starting to come walking out. I know I want to follow her because she’ll be able to teach me something. But at the same time, it feels like one of the things that I do in that lifetime is I teach people a certain thing about the way they walk in order to do what they do better. And I notice that she does some sport, It might be cross-country skiing or something, but she’s walking wrong for it.

So I stop her for a minute and to show her maybe her walk and then the corrected walk. And if she does that corrected walk, then she will do her sport better. And it feels like when I show that corrected walk at one point I almost become like a wolf. I’m on all fours and I’m showing how each foot goes down and I kind of glide. It’s more like an energetic wolf. I’m still the person, that I find that a little curious. But I’m obviously showing her either one walk or the corrected walk, and then I follow her into the next room because I’m still trying to find out more.

And I realize at the same time, someone’s told her something about how I was in the past, way, way distant past, where maybe I had even caused a problem. And I feel like she’s there, she’s available to me, she’ll teach me something, but I’m still following her into the other room trying to figure all of this out while I show her how to correct her walk.

John: What happens is when a person reaches a particular level of breakthrough inside of themselves, they’re no longer actually kind of a human being, because they don’t function and they don’t carry on, they don’t conduct themselves in a way of confusion like everyone else.

And, in that regard, you have caught up with something that is, in the eyes of ordinary people, something that can do things that is like alien. And from this catching up, you’re able to teach and understand and reach things about yourself, and about life, that isn’t at the disposal of others. And in being able to be amidst others, you’re able to effectuate change, heal, and alleviate things that are not ordinary abilities. But you have more or less found this as being part of how you’re able to conduct yourself and be.

But as you progress in this dream, you waft in and out of it. You’re almost as if, you know you have it, and then it kind of gets forgotten a bit, or you don’t give yourself credit as having gotten there, and having reached it, and having experienced it. And then, it says you come back then to the sensation of this sort of thing being able to be shown to you anew, all over again.

This wafting about, where you don’t quite fully pull it in, and where you still tend to acknowledge or recognize it as coming and going, or as separate, is coming to an end. The nature of the way you’re dreaming is showing that you’re getting some of this, so it’s coming to an end. And what you’re getting, and what you’re able to facilitate, what you’re able to work with in manifestation, in what would be considered basically almost a nonhuman form, because others can’t do this, is a condition from the inner that has sealed itself upon you.

I know that because that’s what I dreamt, how this sort of thing eventually gets to a point in which, when it is sealed, then the design is able to unfold.

In other words, the first installment or phase is something that has an established mannerism that can then touch and affect things differently just by being in the midst of it.

The difference in my dream is that the normal, ordinary potentialities around a human being, that are all over the place and are misaligned, has fallen away and a basis or baseline has been reached. And from that baseline then something is able to reach out, or polish, or be at hand, or at play, as a quality of what you’ve caught up with inside of yourself as a divine will.

Where you had been going around before, every which way, nothing yet having constellated, has fallen away. And you have caught up with how it is that you’re able and meant to be. Catching up with that enables you to touch things, affect things, but it also makes you alien, so to speak, in terms of the eyes of others who haven’t a clue about this way of being.

So you dream it as a shadow double yet, as an alien, and then that will break down and that will all become part of you. Everything in life that may not even be a welcome will become part of you. In other words, it will be the lower-self side of you or something, in some fashion, as the higher-self now knows how to flow about and relate to everything as a dynamic, an energetic dynamic, in the environment.

And in this way, what you’re describing, and what you’re looking at, and what you’re noticing, is who you really are. And you’re seeing it from the standpoint of just being in life. In your particular case, because you view this as an alien, you have it as a bit of a masculine travel towards something. But when you really sit and look at it as a presence, it is something that is naturally opening up, and that is how you are able to be.

The way you show that it’s natural to you is the fact that, in the dream, even though you ebbed in and out of it afterwards, you had the ability to touch something or affect something, to wipe a tear away or do something that was out of the ordinary, that’s based upon something having been reached from within.

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