Establishing a Baseline

spiritual-21We are all different, and we each have a unique gift to offer the universe. When we align ourselves to the purposes of creation, the ways and means to express our individual gift can become more clear. Until then we may feel as though we cast about in one direction and then another, always searching. At a certain point the searching stops and we enter the phase where we spend our days in fulfilling that purpose. It is the same shift as going from child to adult, or from student to teacher. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So in my meditation dream, I start straight off—even though I’m trying to deny it in the dream, because I have a concept that something about this isn’t right. In other words, I have gotten this idea somehow from an understanding in terms of the fact that everyone advances, or progresses, in their consciousness to where they reach a point where they have an established side of themselves, which is considered sealed. And that the teacher has indicated that everyone becomes sealed. This is a fate that befalls everyone.

I have developed the idea that the longer I can keep from becoming sealed, the more interesting things can be because of the overallness of how life is. That if one can function in the overallness without having to take on a particular design or become sealed, the potentialities and the possibilities are just that much more. Anyway, that’s the concept that I have. I’m not sure that that is exactly though what the dream is now telling me.

In the dream, five gallons of paint have been acquired that I am to paint on an area and, in painting this on, I’m applying a protective coating.

The first phase really directly involves me and has to go upon a road area, or in other words, the surface area that I’m standing on, that’s got its ups and downs, and depths, and all of that. This paint that I have is like a sealant that I apply to the surface and this whole process has a lot of high pressure to it. A lot of strong intent to get this to happen, to stabilize things. This phase, because it’s intense, the context is to get this done, so that the remaining area, I am able to further design or establish, utilizing the ground level that I have sealed.

In other words, how it is I walk and experience things and go to depths inside myself, keep me flopping and flipping and going all over the place, then nothing can come together as a consequence. In other words, I’m not able to polish or shape anything.

So to get through this area, so that as I see the context for what is to be more fully awakened, instead of it being all over the place anymore, like a human being is always in a state of bewilderment, I first of all have to seal this below, you know, the area that I walk on.

In other words, it’s like what is going on in this image that I’m not quite catching up with is that a decision has been made, and now I’m part of that decision process. And that first part is sealing that, and then one can use the rest of the paint for what continues to unfold from that.

So I eagerly sought to thoroughly cover the surface and subsurface area. The intensity was such that it required my undivided and uninterrupted focus and attention. Upon completing this process, I find myself exhilarated. The challenge was getting this done in a complete and total way, in other words, sealing everything. That which followed would more naturally fall in place, now that the base area is sealed.

So the issue is, what am I doing and observing?

Every human being is sealed at some point in their connection, conscious awakening. In other words, instead of it always being a state of bewilderment that you go through, where you don’t know up or down, or this or that, eventually becomes sealed.

And I knew as I was applying the sealant, that I had to be up to the challenge of establishing the groundwork for what was to fall in place or happen thereafter.

When a person seals, they’re able to be more effective in creation with their beingness because the context is established. In other words, the decision of something has been made, and how a person fits in with that decision isn’t known until that point in time, when there still is all of this other thing going on. But you’re not touched by that anymore, you’re sealed. You have a knowingness.

Until a person seals, just how the outer is to be designed to be is an open question, which remains subject to change, or whatever the potentiality is when nothing is aligned. You know, it’s all up in the air.

It is easier to function when the conditions in life are sealed. In other words, there’s a sense of where you’re going. Instead of it being a mental sense, it’s an inner sense.

I have been resisting reaching a sealed culmination point, because that would set in place the foundation from which to build. And of course my idea is by setting in place something like that, then what does it stop as far as an unfoldment process?

But in this case, once this has been accomplished, which it has, what is able to unfold from here can occur in a more clear-cut design. Until the baseline was sealed, the fate remained unlimited and undetermined.

I have been searching and searching within to determine the intended will, or what’s meant to unfold. I was not able to see how this was to be for me until I had reached and sealed the baseline from which the rest could follow. I hoped that the sealing is appropriate to the design, which is meant to follow in terms of a result that is conducive to the need. If not, then the scenario will be ripped open again. A raw potentiality brought into, thrown up in the air. The potentiality percolating all over again, as it comes to the surface, or lies at a depth in being the catalytic framework for something anew.

In this dream, what had been a catalytic process has been pulled into a cohesion as the design place takes precedence at this time. Prior to now, the variables had remained opened and no decision was made over how the overall is to change or be shifted.

What I am observing has to do with what is decided for the next phase of manifestation, or some phase that I’m no longer in, or had been in, which is something is sealed and something is reshaping.

If I see it in the ground, I am establishing the baseline for that which will be for a long, long time. This will break down and need to be shifted to something anew a long time from now, but until that point arrives, as the next chapter in human awakening, this comes first.

The reason why I know this is the amazing focus and intent that I placed upon sealing this. I mean, part of me was fighting this idea that I’m sealing it, because I have this concept even in my sleep, that it’s not a good idea to get something kind of set and established, but nevertheless, I kept doing it. I saw myself doing it and I saw what a thorough job I was doing to really seal this, you know. And a part of me was going, “oh no, oh no, oh no,” but I just kept on sealing it to the point that, what I did was, I had five gallons to work with, and the first two gallons was applied to sealing this. Now the other three gallons can be used to shape something.

What I am describing removes a lot of pressure because until now, although everything was known, nothing was certain. I am both exhilarated and relieved. The relief part has a degree of sadness in it, because when there is a sealing, it is now harder to turn back.

And the additional meaning is, is this dream is saying that a shifted and realignment of the energy has been completed as kind of a first step in the design process. How something has been sealed, so that part has been set, so now something more can emerge.

What remains to be polished is easier, now that the uncertainties regarding the general design have been established.

I’m relieved to note that the general, overall context of what is to be in the next phase of life is in place. In terms of the outer overall effect, there is, in my opinion, still a long, long way to go.

I believe the natural order is still at work as a process, for example. And how that is to be remains a mystery. In other words, this part is still catalytic. We are a lot closer, however, now that the baseline is in place.

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