Catching the Essence

c8cThe idea of the flow of life implies motion, a fluidity that always progresses. Rivers don’t circle back on themselves, and the flow of life shouldn’t, either. That doesn’t mean we never do anything repetitive because we have to as a way to maintain our lives. But it does imply that we should constantly be updating ourselves in the moment, to not be stuck with following old ideas, or with staying with assumptions we made years ago. Being able to flow means to adjust on the fly, making constant course corrections. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I had one short dream and I didn’t like it either. It’s like in this dream, I’m somewhere where I liked being, but it’s almost like I’m owned by this man who already has a wife and he has another man that belongs to him, too. So I have to go where they are. It seems like it’s Hawaii, or somewhere, and they’re going to move another time.

But when I get there, it’s like they’re playing something like soccer, and I know that we’re going to be moving shortly. And it feels like when we move—I don’t know whether it’s from Hawaii or to Hawaii—but when we move, I feel like I can keep more distance. But meanwhile, all I’m trying to do out there on the soccer field is kind of stay away from attracting attention. Like I realize the other wife is even jealous, so she kind of supports me, the keeping my distance because she doesn’t want him giving me attention. All I’m trying to do in a sense is not get captured, because I really don’t like any of them. You know, but I particularly don’t want him anywhere near me and it feels like if I can keep her between the two of us, then he will leave me alone.

So all I’m really doing on the soccer field is kind of trying to keep my distance. It’s like I don’t like the dream. I don’t like the man. I don’t think I like any of them. You know, all I’m trying to do is, in a sense, not end up pregnant, or not end up trapped in that situation. You know, see that he’s distracted by either the game or the other woman. You know, I’m just trying to kind of stay as far away as I can within the constrictions of the situation.

John: So, what you’re doing in your dream, because the theme of the dreaming has to do with how something comes into a cadence, or a knowingness, in terms of itself, and it has to do with how the flow works versus how a certain knowingness in manifestation naturally exists.

You’re adding now a component to what makes things work, in that you know that everything will work out better if you go someplace, or if you make the journey or travel, or if there’s a flow. But if it sits in a set position, in which nothing is stirred or awoken, then those conditions are too heavy, too thick, and too overbearing. The result is a process that doesn’t enhance, but tears down what is important in life.

And I hadn’t thought of it that way, that that’s an aspect of an unfoldment of consciousness. I hadn’t looked at the idea that, as you flow, you actually awaken better, and there’s more fluidity and balance to what unfolds. But I guess it makes sense, because whenever you take a trip or go to a program or something, you kind of come back in a new space. It’s almost as if you had gotten overly indulged or consumed by the routine scenario of your environment and lost the fluidity that is needed for something to unfold properly – and when you just sit in the existing indulged environment that you find yourself in.

But when you move about and when you flow, you have a tendency to shake things up to awaken things more in your surroundings, instead of things becoming too set, or too stabilized. What we have adopted as our idea of comfortability, when the greater comfortability is to flow in life. And when we flow in life, are engaged in life, or involved in having to have our road trips, or whatever, into the sojourn of the whole, that there is more balance to that. It’s not necessarily the balance point, it’s just that there’s more balance.

In your dream, if you sit in a stagnant position, then the whole mannerisms that seem to exist in something that is set, dominate, that then causes an imbalance in terms of how something is able to unfold.

At some point, we get constipated in each place, and then when we change the environment or do something different, it kind of rejiggers things again. Because ordinarily, we would be just settled back in the habits, and mannerisms, and weights, and conditions of our environment, that would build and build to a point that we become constipated or sluggish. I guess it works that way. I had just never looked at it like that.

So your dream and my dreams all are correlated, because they all occurred in the same night. And you can take and look at your dream. You could look at each of the pieces that I throw in there, and realize that they are all meaningful in some way. They all come together and they all point out the same kind of threaded dynamic in some sort of way. Like the idea of moving about in your dream, taking the road trip and whatnot, brings you closer to the essence of what is unfolding inside you. When sitting in kind of a condition, trance-like manner, you don’t tend to notice, or realize, how it is that you’ve gotten in terms of being able to effectuate or touch things in life.

My dreams tend to do with—I mean, that seemed to be a fairly specific subject, actually, but it wasn’t done in quite the pointblank way that my dreams tend to do it. Like the cake dream indicates that, left to my own devices, I’m just going to get into heavy indulgences and not even know that there’s necessarily anything wrong with that. And other people can chuckle and laugh and carry on and not even help me, like a normal waitress would help you. But if I’m going to be this way, they can even give me wide birth and I’ll still do it. I’ll still push through and not have my sensation function properly developed and know that there’s something about that, that just isn’t right. In other words, it’s a poor listening center. I mean, there are two speakers on each side of the cake, but I still don’t seem to hear. I still don’t seem to get the cadence. I will still go on this sort of tangent. This is still a habituation pattern of mine in terms of flow.

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