A Feeling Within

im22agesWhen on a spiritual journey, there is no physically-based, external destination. What we seek is inside of us, a deep connection to the reasons and purposes of what caused us to exist in the first place. It is part of our cellular structure, there to be discovered and unlocked all the days of our lives. As we begin to find the way of this, we become sensitive to the sense of being connected, or disconnected, and our path is to keep fine tuning our reception. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So the schematic is how that essence is caught up with or awakened, seen of course in the meditation dream that all these comes across. It seems to come across at a deeper, more in-depth level, and then in your regular dreams, it’s broken down better.

I had two meditation dreams. In the first meditation dream, I have traveled to a quaint, old town. In other words, I really like the feel of this town. And so, as part of putting my finger on why it is and what it is about this that I like, I can’t tell you in so many words. So I’ve created the image that kind of portrays what it is that is being triggered, or brought out inside of me.

And the way I say this is the appeal of this place has me accumulating a bunch of old bottles, as if this will catch up with the essence of this place. In other words, I can’t put my finger on it, so I accumulate the bottles, as if this is getting me closer, almost as if there’s a tincture of something in all of these various bottles, and I put them on. I wear these bottles around, as if this is getting me into an attunement.

In the next meditation dream, I’m trying to locate the whereabouts of a person who is familiar to me, based upon an inner presence that I am able to feel. I sense something. I know that something is there. Just like with the tincture bottles, I’m sensing something, only it’s captured in the bottles. In this particular case, it is now represented instead of by that, it’s represented by a vibration or a presence of something, or someone, that is there, even though I don’t know who it is.

All I know is the person goes by the name of either Chad, Chaz, or Charles. That’s all I can make out. See, I can’t walk right up and tell you that okay, this is the person in this area. All I can do is I can feel the presence, but I do not have a better means of identifying him. There’s just this sense inside that I have in terms of what is important in terms of I can sense a vibration that I feel within. So I’m trying to communicate with those who are here my sense of this vibration. My hope is to translate what I feel vibrationally into a connection.

So, do you see how closely those meditation dreams are correlated?

In both dreams, there’s an energetic that I’m seeking to catch up with. I will know it when I experience it. In other words, I’m already experiencing it, but how do you know it? How do you put your finger on it? How do you make it tangibly, outwardly visible or oriented?

This vibration has an essence about it that I cannot specifically identify. Its aliveness is best described as being like an energetic presence or essence that I seek. I do not have the direct outer means in manifestation to denote this energetic specifically, except by way of inference.

In the first dream, I am trying to reach the essence by the way of tincture bottles, that somehow capture the intangible essence. In the second dream, I’m attempting to do the same thing, except this time, I’m looking at it as a vibratoriness that I seek and can feel from within.

In each instance, there is no ideal way in terms of manifestation to make it visible except through reflection or inference, which identifies, or puts one’s finger upon an aliveness. I’m denoting it as existing within my being and that’s as good as I can take it.

What these two dreams are trying to portray is that while in manifestation, what is real comes from within and exists by way of an intangible connection that I seek.

The best I can do is to reflect upon it or through inference. Or said another way, because I’m unable to put my finger upon the essence per se—in other words, you can’t make an essence visible. It’s a sight you can’t see. I’m able to denote it from within when in manifestation. I do this by referring to a meaningfulness vibratorally, or by inference, or by some aspect which relates to a feeling within.

So that’s the general theme. And then, of course, we went on to variances in terms of how you catch up with that vibratoriness.

And you’re indicating in your dream that you need to move about. You know, you can’t just stay constellated in one spot or otherwise you get really peculiarized. And in my case, with the cake dream, you’ve got to have some sort of sense to know what to take in and what not to take in. That involves a type of listening center because the cake had two speakers in it.

Otherwise, left to my own devices, even if somebody laughs at me, I’m going to eat the whole thing, which is impossible, of course, because the cake—I forget what the waitress said the cake weighed, whether it was four pounds or 14 pounds, it’s something that’s just not possible. And I was a little upset that the cake wasn’t, you know, something that I could eat the whole thing. This was a bigger cake than I’m used to seeing, when I ordered the cake. I have to wing it in terms of, well, I have no intention of coming back and ordering a main meal later. You know, how’s that possible?

In other words, I’m doing it in reverse. I’m going to eat my dessert first and then come back and order my main meal? Everyone knows that’s doofus thinking. And so no one is going to help me. The waitress won’t help me and I go to the counter and I can’t find any plates. I’m just not getting the hint, you know, that what I am doing is over the top.

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