The Other Room

maxresdefaultThere are those who say that what is going on inside the human body has the same relative distances found in the expanded universe around us. That idea can get us near to understanding how the human is really designed to be a bridge between what caused the universe, and the universe itself. So if we are developing, we are becoming more and more of a useful liaison between these two worlds. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I had this sense of traveling a lot in dreams last night. In one dream, I’ve been traveling kind of over the hills, a type that we were driving through probably in Montana.

And then I come to a place where I’m going to be staying, but the problem is that I have a small cabin and then I seem to have a large room in someone else’s cabin. And I can’t quite resolve that, like, what do I do? Because if I stay in my cabin all the time, then you kind of lose your rights to the large room in the other cabin. And yet, if you go back and forth between two spaces, where someone else is living in the other one, that feels kind of awkward. And so this is kind of a dilemma for me. I just can’t quite figure out, how do you resolve that?

And then it feels like before and after that dream, I continue traveling. And I remember once going over some of those hills that are kind of wheat colored, and then I come to a cave and on the cave, there are paintings on the ceiling that I seem to be studying. And those are the only things I really remember from my dreams last night.

John: If a person doesn’t have this innerness aligned from the in-breath that has taken one home, and is caught just in manifestation, then you only experience a singular aspect that is like a denseness to how things are.

But, if you are bringing in the orientation, a more of the in-breath and out-breath, as necessary, then you come to experience the two seemingly contradictory dynamics simultaneously. In other words, you not only have a place in the outer, but you also have a big room somewhere else. And in order to have this big room somewhere else, you have to be able to not get swept up by the doingness, and the denseness, and the overindulgence of an orientation in just the physical.

So the meaningfulness that creates this counterbalance is visualized in your dream by recognizing that on the ceiling, by looking up at the hieroglyphic elements that are up there, that that is the innerness, meaningfulness, of something that’s able to come down. So that you are, and as it comes in, able to experience what is going on in the outer, without it being too consuming.

So the dream kind of, more or less, points out the processes going on inside you. And when you’re just kind of dropped into the equation of it all, it can be a little baffling to sort out. Because you want to think in a logical, reflective way, but you can’t. There is a correlation to this room that you’re staying in, and the simultaneous orientation to somewhere else, the big room somewhere else.

And you have to have one to have the other, in terms of a proper alignment. Otherwise, you could become too much in a grounded imminence that you can’t see the forest through the trees.

Or, in the masculine problem, you can be so off the ground that, in your transcendence, that you can’t grasp anything because you can’t bring it down. So the two domains that appear to be going in opposite directions to each other, are not really. Because ultimately, the inner and the outer come together, but it certainly doesn’t look like that, nor can you make that make sense to yourself when you think in just a linear capacity, straight-line way, in terms of trying to grasp what is going on in the outer, that is reflective.

So the room that you had somewhere else is kind of like a type of light body that has awakened to the degree to which you realize that that is important in terms of you’re able to be in manifestation.

If it wasn’t there, your indulgences in the outer would keep you veiled and consumed and you’d be constantly just looking at that literally. But with this other big room, it’s almost like you’re turning with the energy counterclockwise, because the big room somewhere else symbolizes and indicates the innerness awakening.

And somewhere you knew how meaningful that was because you found yourself looking up and realizing, “if I can just understand more of what those hieroglyphics are up on the ceiling.” You’re catching on. But try telling that to a person caught up in the outer. They would think that you’d lost your mind. So you have to kind of experience this in almost as a bewildered image within.

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