A Quickened Awareness

i31magesWhen we seek to connect to higher energies, we don’t always realize the effect they will have on us. Certain aspects within our design only become activated when we are in contact with higher energies, which can throw us out of balance for a time. The more time we spend with the energies, the more our systems will adjust to the changes. In this way, over time, even our cellular structures will adjust.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: First of all, I couldn’t meditate, because I was speeded up to such a degree that I couldn’t find the orientation and all this Kundalini energy was rolling.

And when I came to bed, before I even could fall quite asleep—in kind of the twilight of falling asleep—I have a vision of a bottle of orange juice that’s just suddenly erupting or bubbling up inside the container and going over the top and overflowing. And as I sit there in shock at this, a voice comes in and says, “The next time this comes up, put it back on the table.”

So the meaning is, it’s like a type of guidance image in terms of how the process works. Orange juice represents health. Putting back on the table means when kundalini energy is so astir that you can’t meditate or you can’t ground it, the image of orange juice bubbling up and flowing is that image of the kundalini energy going all over the place and spilling the health of your beingness in terms of the inner and the outer.

This image is kind of like telling me that I need to let go of this outer energetic demeanor. In other words, not go off and be totally indulged by that reflection of things, no matter how much sense it might make to do that.

Now what has happened in the past when this sort of stuff comes up is I have discovered that two things happen simultaneously. One, when that energy really speeds up, I can hear my ears really ringing too. Can I yield to it? It’s almost like the ears will get louder as the Kundalini energy gets louder. But there’s also a third thing that I’m noticing. I can almost see things in a light, almost, but the kundalini energy is too much, so I can’t pull it down and I am not grounded enough so I can’t quite see it, very closely, just like letting go of a holding on to an aspect of outer consciousness, or whatever it is, and I would be able to almost see a movie picture straightaway, which is harder than hearing the sound because that’s more in light.

And because I didn’t break that into actually seeing it, but knew that it was there and there was the brightness that was there, I was able to catch up with the fact that my inner consciousness is a well being I am meant to experience.

However, for this to happen, when the kundalini energy rises up, I have to ground that and I usually ground it by way of the sound. Or I have to pull it into the sound in which it is emanated up into more of a transcendence and it will integrate.

Or as indicated in this image, I just put it down on the table where it belongs, and not give it any reflective energy, which is mental in that condition of thinking and pondering it. You know that dynamic of a quickened awareness is good. It can drive you crazy too.

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