Energetic Oasis

oasis-home-slider-4How do our dreams show us what we are still working on in our development journey? Here is a good example, where the main character finds herself in an idyllic-type of setting, yet in the house, i.e., in the inner life, there are still energetic natures locked up in a room that need to be freed. So we can look at the image and say, yes, the orchard is good news because we find ourselves in the middle of an oasis (not on the edge, or far away), yet there are still inner aspects that need to be let go of in order to truly be at home in that oasis. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In my first dream it’s like I’m going through an orchard and I have a house somewhere in the orchard. I’m walking with a man towards that house. So I go in that house to go to the bathroom but then notice a second house that belongs to my folks and my father and my mother and her sister are all living there. My mother maybe has some dementia or something.

I go in my folks’ house to use the bathroom and I realize the bathroom is near the back and maybe because my mother’s not completely well or something they have three dogs and they’ve locked them up in the back bathroom, which is the one I want to use.

So I go and open the door which excites the three dogs. They have a Basenji, and then they have a tiny little bulldog, and then they have the third dog, I don’t know. It’s also small. They’re kind of like between dogs and puppies, actually. They’re all excited when I go in there. You know how they jump up and down.

Apparently the dogs have been using the toilets, too. And then I’m trying to get the dogs to kind of… I want to let them out of the room, but they might be too much for the elderly in the house, so I’m trying to get them to calm down a little bit. They’re jumping all over the place because they’re just excited that someone came in to see them.

John: So both houses are in the middle of the orchard? The orchard in this dream portrays something that has the significance of an energetic oasis. And when you view it from the inner, when you go behind the symbolism and you go back into the inner, what you’re looking at is a prosperousness or quality, a soothingness, a balance inside, that sweeps over the space that you’re in.

And that what you’re still having to sort out with that as your etheric being, or connective light body, even, if you wanted to say it that way even what you are having to sort out is how to work with that in regards to a flow. And the flow has to do with other energetics that could still have some dense characteristics yet in your nature.

The exact or parallel image that I had in my meditation dream, that portrayed the same thing, was that of a round in the midst of an area that was like just open, no trees or anything, in the midst of that was a round thing in which everything sloped to a center – and that was a drain. And in this area you had this humongous drain that balanced things out.

And the vibration leading one into this was one of a soothingness and a wonderfulness that was on an inner level, and then this image came out as I was coming awake into the outer. But it was hard for me to come out of this inner soothingness, into the outer, and in terms of breaking through the barrier of that, or in the hypnagogic state almost, of coming from a depth within to a quality where you have a blending of the outer now starting to come in as you’re traveling through levels or going through a veil, a barrier, or whatever that is between inner and outer.

That was the image that popped up right out of the blue because when I was in the inner all I had was this soothing, wonderful sensation and was not able to recognize or distinguish anything.

And so that’s very much similar to your situation in which you have the orchard, which is like an oasis, because I even found myself describing myself as this being like an oasis that one is within because it’s so soothing. An orchard is something that’s plentiful, that’s abundant, has an abundance, that’s fertile, and you’re in the center of that.

You’re functioning near the center of all of that, and you’re going somewhere in the center of all of that, and it’s a pretty interesting image in that in terms of going to the center of that, there’s still a little catalytic process yet, in regards to what is still pent up, or trapped, in your nature, some little nuance that has to do with the three dogs. They have different quality natures that haven’t yet been fully integrated in terms of how it is that they are in terms of your being. In other words, the dogs represent a type or quality of flow, inside of yourself, that you’re a part of. That is a pretty profound dream.

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