Removing An Impediment

dreamszzHere is a dream that has it all in terms of the symbolism of a spiritual process. We have a teacher, hidden gems, and an operation/healing done energetically. And this is how it works, because what we are seeking does begin in us, the possibility is innate to the human design. Much progress can be realized by healing what prevents us from unlocking our unique gifts. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So in my second dream, I’m like in a school and my first and most important class seems to be with a martial artist who’s teaching me some form of martial arts. And then I go on to other classes.

And at one point when I’m actually down in the marital arts room and I’m resting, the teacher thinks I don’t see him and he takes this sandalwood necklace I have and he’s hidden it in a drawer. It’s from India.

Then my sister or someone who saw him do that, when he’s not looking she opens the drawer and she takes out my necklace and she hands it back to me – and I kind of conceal it. If he’d wanted it, or asked about it, I probably would have given it, or shown it to him, but I don’t like that he tried to hide it.

So I’ve taken it back; I just do it. It doesn’t seem like I have a real attitude about it or anything. I’m just, you know, I like things in the open or something.

And then I have other classrooms that I need to go to, but that’s my main class I keep returning to. I realize I do have… I think that the teacher’s going to… it’s almost like maybe because I’ve had some problem medically the teacher’s going to perform some slight adjustment for me, and I know that, But then I go to his class and I lose some consciousness. And when I kind of regain consciousness, it’s like he hasn’t done something mild. He’s like done a complete hysterectomy right there in the class with his hand, or something.

Well, I’m a little traumatized by that. I thought he was going to do something minor, and it turned out to be something pretty major, so I feel like I need to rest. Plus I’m a little put off or something. I don’t know how to explain it, a little traumatized by that. It just was more than what I’d thought was going to be done, and so I need some time to adjust to it, especially because he just did it right there in class with other people there or something. So I’m kind of a little traumatized. That’s when I wake up.

John: What an interesting dream. What you’ve done in your dream is, the first dream set this sequence just like my meditation dreams tend to do, and then from the sequence of how something is set comes a flow. That flow has to do with what is necessary as a quality of mastery in life.

In other words, outside of total complete renunciation, which is the saintly quality. You’re proceeding into what it is that’s a quality of flow, and that flow is designated by the fact that the teacher is teaching a martial arts class, and that the teacher has in his possession, or access to, or is able to provide, that which belongs to you which is this necklace.

And that’s how it is in a teacher/student relationship, is the teacher sees the student in terms of how they really are in terms of their soul, and he accepts the student in an absolute way. Yes, the student has to go through this dance and that dance in order to catch up with how it is that they’re meant to be, which is something that the teacher sees in a clear vision, because the teacher is seeing the world in this way, a way that the student has yet to catch up with. And in catching up with that, they come to discover the jewels, or the preciousness, inside of themselves that is them.

And this leads to a shift in which whatever major barriers that might exist, in your particular case, the extraction, or the operation that was done energetically facilitates a wholeness. It helps bring together something that is meant now finally to be released so that you can come forward. You have already reached to, and caught up with, so much of this innerness that has been maybe something you did not quite have a handle on, that is part of your wholeness, and that maybe you danced around in the outer in kind of an amnesia in relationship to it. You’ve already stormed that, or gotten that.

And now, in terms of facilitating a fluidity of the process, comes this next step in which some little hiccup or abstraction that still is an impediment gets lifted, gets healed, gets removed because it is of no consequence anymore.

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