Above the Reflections

kaleidoscopeThough it still happens, the days of spiritual people living on top of mountains are over. And there’s a good reason for that: we have entered a time when spirituality has to be lived in all phases of life – in the middle of a city, or in a crowded mall. Because it is what we hold as a location inside of ourselves that really matters. Said another way, it no longer matters to have separation or protection in the physical world, we need our strength and higher reasons for what we do to be an inner fortification that goes where we go. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well in my dream it’s like I am younger and I’m visiting you, and you seem to live on some kind of a large ranch property. And so we go driving around the ranch property and sometimes we’ll come back to the house to have some private time together, but everything seems pretty rushed all the time. There are a lot of people around. There’s lot of property to drive around.

And I realize it’s getting time for me to leave and I’m starting to worry about whether I even have time to catch my plane home. I have to go down to the city to the airport, and it feels like the time is kind of narrowing, and you’ve gotten on the phone and you’ve called someone, and for some reason you’re going to have them take me to the airport.

But they’re already in the city, and I go into the city and I think I see them with their family, like I know they’re kind of annoyed. They don’t really want to take me to the airport, and I’m beginning to feel like I need to maybe go straight to the airport from the city, it’s in the city somewhere, but I’m not sure if that’s them or not, so I call you and you want me to actually come back out to the ranch.

My luggage is there, but I’m not sure I’m going to have time. I think I do, but now I’m not sure there’s actually time to make it to the airport. And it feels like when I get back out to the ranch you want me to do something else, like have my picture taken with some people that have come by for some reason, so I just feel this time crunch like I should have just maybe gone straight to the airport whether I had my luggage or not. It’s kind of a confusing dream.

John: Actually, it’s confusing because you’re not aware of what you’re trying to work with. What you’re trying to work with is presence and time, and how they’re correlated, and how they effectuate change around you.

In other words, the ranch is like an area that represents kind of a presence, and can you hold that presence? But the thing of it is, you’re required to hold something, but that’s just a small thing. You are required to hold this and have a sense of rhythm and timing in the overall, and that the dream is showing that you’re kind of deferring that, that quality and that trait that you have within. You’re deferring the ability to hold onto something that opens up, or comes down, or that springs or effectuates itself through you.

And this has to do with a particular quality or type of that because you already maintain an aspect of it in terms of the overallness that’s in the feminine nature. You already have a head start or a boost, so to speak, in that regard. But because of the senses and the way we respond and react to the reflections of things, we give away this naturalness that is ours.

In other words, everything that occurs in manifestation is under the auspices of our nature, but we don’t seem to know that. That you can touch things, you can bless things, as a way of saying it, into a shape, a flow, and a form. And what you’re doing is you’re still rendering yourself subjective to the influence of something outside of yourself. And for the feminine, the masculine is an aspect of something outside of themselves, and that it’s easy to get caught in the idea that one has to have that effect or influence in order for there to be a well being. But when the feminine can find that quality inside herself, she then pulls that whole package together that can then touch and shape and put in play an order, a naturalness, in her environment, in the overall environment.

So you’re just looking at the dynamic and the chemistry upon which you’re still playing and working that sort of thing out, and when you’re affected by things in terms of how they are in the outer, and develop a kind of dependency in that regard, then you more or less are in a way of being that finds yourself thinking that you have to unfold in regards to how the reflections resonate, or the degree to which something effectuates, and directs, and kind of makes the decisions in an outer capacity for you.

But you actually can make the decisions in the inner capacity inside of yourself. You’ve already developed the ability to know how to let go, which is really, really hard as kind of a precursor step to this whole process of intertwined awareness. You know that. You know that to almost an amazing extreme and degree, but the next thing is that you have to have, along with that, that knowingness and naturalness, you have to have a sense of how something within is shaping and guiding, and it is a shaping and guiding that is coming from within you, as well.

So you know how to let go of the spirit energies and such that touch and try to effectuate you. You should know how to do that. You kind of do know how to do that, but you then have to work with a quality of presence of overall awareness, and a letting go of the timeline misconstruances of one’s demeanor when one isn’t holding themselves in a way that talks to, or conducts, or influences, or vibes into life what is through them, what comes through them, that is essential and important to something in terms of how it is meant to be.

This is the theme of what you’re working on in your dream, and so your dream was portraying kind of how it is that you take all of that. The big problem that a person gets caught into is the type of dependency so that they become, through the dependency, which is a type of barrier and defense mechanism, they become convinced that if the particularities aren’t such and so in that regard, that they are going to have nothing but problems in terms of how their life is able to be.

But that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. That’s a reflective mannerism that we throw at ourself and convince ourself that something like that is like that. And when we convince ourself that something is like that, then before we know it we go around believing that and connecting ourself in a way in which we acknowledge and recognize the effect and influence of reflections – instead of realizing that those reflections we shape, we change, we alter from within, and that we have to catch up with that.

And so you’re dreaming a component of it, the spatiality that involves holding a presence. But for you more loudly was timing, which is all part of that. When you don’t have the presence, you can get influenced or affected by the reflections, and buy into that as if there is a timing. And when it’s like that then you’re actually influenced by the overall conditions of mankind as a collective consciousness, which isn’t very good, and doesn’t really have much strength or power, and so it wish washes and meanders about and can leave a mess.

And yet, by and large, the psyche of all of that as a whole can be very, very powerful, but a human being can overcome all of that, and can have the focus and attention that is inside of themselves that rises up above the reflections of that collective.

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