The Gift

ffe95Here is another good example of the many lives that exist within us, because when our main character inherits a gift, the other (parts of her) are trying to talk her out of keeping it. As things awaken in us, part of what needs to be settled within is that anything new is pushing out time or space for something already there. And that life in us won’t always cede territory without a struggle. Sometimes it requires consciously having a conversation with our different inner lives, negotiating a peace agreement among them. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well the only memory I have of my dream last night is I’m trying to decide what to do. It feels like I’ve heard from some Canadian relatives, and there was an aunt or some relative that I’m not sure I’ve met, that had died, and she’d broken a trust.

When this aunt died, she broke a trust and suddenly left something to me and somebody else, and the relatives feel like she was senile and shouldn’t have broken the trust and just want us to write off whichever she has left us.

Initially, I’m going to do that, and then it’s like I stop and I start thinking because I’ve got this paper in front of me that has her name on it and the name of the other person she’s left something to, or who has a signature on the page. I think it’s because she’s left something to him. He’s a state patrolman of some kind.

And I start thinking back, and then I have this vague remembrance of a tea with elderly relatives in Canada and I think that maybe I’d met her at that tea, or she’d seen me at that time, and I think well, what if because of something that she saw at that tea there was something specific she did want to leave me? In which case I shouldn’t just sign away what she left me, whatever it is.

So I’m kind of looking at this blank piece of paper with the two names on it and whatever form it is, trying to remember back, seeing if that is who she is, because I kind of feel like if she’d never met me, and the relatives are right, and maybe there’s just something wrong and I should just sign it away. But if she had met me and there was something she meant to leave me, then I shouldn’t sign it away. So I’m kind of deliberating, looking at this piece of paper because I’m starting to remember having met her at this tea. I think that was her, and I’m trying to figure it out.

John: That’s a useful bit of information that again I wouldn’t have known without your dream. I dreamt the opposite. What you dreamt is that you’re bestowed, or embodied, with gifts in terms of the imbedded quality nature of your being. In other words, however it is that you are naturally connected with the spirit energy that’s already intertwined in your being. You have a kind of innate entitlement that’s built into your makeup.

And maybe that’s why that it’s said that the feminine is complete, because it carries within its chakras all that is essential for being able to touch life in manifestation. And that the masculine is incomplete in that it is off the ground, and needs to have something given to it by the feminine in order for it to become balanced.

Because in your dream you are indicating that this naturally comes to you, it awakens, the awareness comes out of the blue in a way, unexpectedly. I mean, not even necessarily earned. It’s already endowed and, as a result, it can be a surprise. It just needs to have certain veils of distraction and abstraction to drop away, or moods, or mannerisms that get in the way, to subside and this other then awakens, comes out, and takes over.

The idea that you have to earn it or be entitled to it based upon something that you could put your finger on is not at all true. There’s nothing you can do to ingratiate yourself to this quality. It is just naturally there when it’s meant to be there.

For me, because I’m off the ground in the out-breath, and you’re just naturally part of creation and manifestation in a whole way, can you guess how this would have to be as the exact opposite, because that’s what I dream and the whole effect is the exact opposite.

You don’t even have to know anybody or anything, what is meant to be there as an entitlement. When the spatiality is right it just naturally opens up and anyone making it a step removed from the process, is not going to necessarily make sense to them, especially if they are looking at it in a masculine way of having to see this as something that is earned. And you’re not doing anything to earn it. You don’t have to do anything to earn it, and you don’t have to beat yourself up to think that you do have to do anything to earn it.

The masculine always has to go through its thoughts and its processes, but the feminine carries the natural orientation of a knowingness that is just naturally there – if she can just catch up with it. Her problem is that she has repressed it. She has been wounded or something and repressed it, and cannot access it readily anymore.

And the masculine’s problem is more along the lines that he’s abused and misused the energy and, therefore, has purposely alienated himself from the wholeness. And so how it is he comes to recognize the wholeness that is all around him again, like the feminine can naturally? So how does the opposite work? Right? And it took three dreams to pull it all the way through.

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