Entwined, or Entangled?

webIt seems to be coming up more and more these days, this territory of being able to hold something on an inner level no matter what is happening around us. This ability is important because it allows us to be balanced when things around us are in upheaval. That helps us, and it helps those around us. And it is something that we have to constantly choose to uphold, rather than just being swept along by outside forces. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I just seem to have this one dream in which I didn’t feel like much was happening.

I had gone to live in kind of a little more desolate area on the property. It almost felt like a ranch. The property was owned by the people that ran the ranch, so they had a little house that they rented, so you could almost walk from their house to where this little house was. And this little house is just one of those little ones that’s about a kitchen and living room all run together, and maybe a small bedroom and a bathroom and everything in there is rented, including the stove,

And it’s very simple, and it feels like when I’m ready to move out my sister’s going to move in, and there’s snow on the ground at that time of year. And I go to town one day and I come back because I’m moving the next day, and I’m looking around, and I’ve noticed that while I was gone to town that the landlords moved the stove out.

The stove is part of what you rent. Other things were mine, but maybe I was leaving like I had a barbecue or something. I think I was leaving that for my sister, and I have these special keys that fit the door, or fit other things, and I’m taking those keys off the keychain to either pass to the sister in front of the landlord, and then I feel like I’ll mention to them something about the stove that they could just move it back in because that’ll be part of what she rents.

But maybe she needs to talk about that with them, and that I just have a few things to load in my car and then I’ll be going. That’s like the whole dream. It’s very quiet in a way.

John: It seems like the dream needs to continue.

Jeane: I know. That’s what I felt like, too, but I couldn’t get back to sleep.

John: Because the theme of the dreaming had to do with being able to hold a kind of presence or awareness in which you let go of things in the outer, you let things happen in the outer. You have the ability to let things happen in the outer because you have an inner quality within that is able to intertwine and effectuate the changes from afar, or basically through the ethers, or from within.

So where I would have thought the dream needed to continue would have been, it wasn’t really clear that the stove would be put back into the cabin as an essential component to this being able to be passed on to another. And so, how you actually handle that was not how you’re meant to actually handle that. It needed more following up it would seem.

Had I had this dream in relationship to the way things were unfolding last night, I would have had to come to the realization and recognition that if I try to micromanage, or get too intense over, the issue I actually lose a certain perspective or sight because I do not intertwine or work with the innerness in this other capacity that is possible. So what I’m wondering is if you picked up on the vibe, but not completely.

So there’s a little bit of confusion over how you’re… and for you it’s more of a confusion over how far you need to carry your scope of attention. For me the bigger issue is letting go. For you, you can just let go and act like it should go to someone else as a responsibility, but I can’t look at it that way. I have to look at it from the standpoint that it either gets handled, and I have to overindulge to make that happen, which I am shown destroys a cadence and an unfoldment both in myself and in others, or I have the wisdom to know how to step back and hold a space in which something then comes through, or flows through.

And in some instances, even when that doesn’t happen, I need to have that trust in a greater whole – as if there’s some other power that knows better. That power, of course, is all inside of me, but I can’t catch up with that understanding inside of me if I’m flinching and reacting all the time. And it’s hard not to keep flinching and reacting when you have this reflective domino effect that can occur on the outer, and it may be insignificant or meaningless in terms of the scheme of an inner unfoldment, but you don’t necessarily get that inner unfoldment memo when you’re indulged, and caught up in something, and thinking that it needs to be this or that, and can’t see the forest for the trees because you’ve gotten so entangled, rather than intertwined.

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