A Shifted Adjustment

higher-consciousnessThe concept of freedom of choice is generally misunderstood, because at its most fundamental, and the reason for it being part of the human design, has nothing to do with our likes and dislikes. Freedom of choice is meant to allow us to connect with the higher things we want to connect with, by saying no consciously to what we don’t want to be involved with. It is making these choices consistently and consciously that attracts higher essences into our lives. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: The second dream just like is an image, it feels like I’m at a resort island that I’ve been there on vacation, or at a conference or something, and then there’s a group of us. It feels like we’re all women.

We go in to like a common area, lounge area or something. It’s almost time to leave and I have an impression they’re doing something in that lounge area, having a talk, or a drawing or something, where they’re either giving out or you can win prizes, that involve coming back and staying at the island again.

But I’m a little bit more on the fringes, like I won’t spend that much time in that room because to me those things always have a hook of some kind. I mean like, is it like you pay for two days and they give you a third free, or I’m always on the fringes of something like that because I’m suspicious of things that are a giveaway.

John: This is dangerously close to one that I could hardly sort out. This has to do with choice. In other words, as you’re feeling your atmosphere that you’re sitting in, you feel the subtle nuances of how it is that things are, versus how it is that this could be different.

And the difference is created in terms of a perception that is actually in your head, in other words that you’re pondering, that you’re looking at, that you’re working or building up. This is not a warning dream, and it’s an interesting kind of guidance dream because it’s not saying, for example, that you shouldn’t do this, or you shouldn’t do that.

What it’s saying is that what you do you need to kind of look at in terms of how the variables change. And when the variables change, the part of you that has a particular energetic is going to have to adjust in accordance with those changed variables. Which is kind of interesting because, again, it’s the ability, where it’s similar to the first dream, it’s the ability to be able to shift, to be able to be in different parameters in the outer and hold your energetic in relationship to both places.

In other words, over a course of time what happens is that for most people they tend to get set in their mannerisms, and in their ways, and then when change comes they’re not able to be very fluid. For others, the next step or aspect of an unfoldment or awakening, is that you can come to recognize the changes, and then you have to look at yourself in terms of how you handle those changes – as if it requires an entirely different schematic of your nature to cope,

But what this dream is leading you to, and again it’s working with a type of kundalini energy yet that’s very similar to the first dream, is that the third phase of the process of unfolding is to know how to be able to be in different environments and not get swept one way or the other by those environments, because who you are, what you are, how you are can be same/same no matter what the circumstances are that you’re thrown into.

Now fortunately those circumstances aren’t really that extreme. An extreme scenario where you’d be required to hold a certain quality or cadence inside would be, say, the difference between being a street person versus a person that has got a very stable and established environment that you live in. In other words, the complete 180-degree opposite of that. Can you be the same in that? Or would you view that, and adjust to that, and change the way you relate to coincide with the variances that occurred, or can you still be yourself no matter what those circumstances are?

Interesting challenge. So, what you’re doing is, at this point in time, you’re juggling this as if there is a change that’s going to occur, as if something is going to change, as if a whole different sequence is going to open up for you.

That’s not really true. How you are energetically as a person is able to be, perhaps maybe you will see yourself to be more but, by and large, you’re not blown around by the outer events of things. You hold on to a consistency. You don’t go up and down in relationship to that.

Why are you being challenged like this? The reason is because you have inside of yourself a very deep latent fear that something can go kaplooey, and so you’re not having to crack in that regard. There’s so much fragility in the world, and that’s an aspect of your fragility. You’re not having to confront or face that because that would almost be mean if it were to hit. It would almost be a lack of grace or something, in one sense, because it could push a person beyond the limits of what they can stand or what they can bear.

But that still doesn’t mean that you don’t have to come closer to this, to face this, but do it in a gradual, subtle way, so the subtle way that you’re doing it is that you’re already measuring, you’re already making a shifted adjustment in relationship to a change in the environment. And a part of you is reconciling the fact that you don’t just drop this and go to that, that you hold a consistency and a quality of yourself as you make this change, that you’re not just fickle or flipped around to the point where you’re one way under this scenario, and another way under that scenario.

You hold something that’s consistent, and what you’re seeing in this dream is the subtle degrees in which you can go a little tangential. But you’re seeing it in such a way so that you realize that it doesn’t have to be that way, it isn’t going to be that way, that you’re able to handle things, and take the consciousness that you have under one scenario into another scenario – without it being compromised.

Isn’t that a deep dream? It’s a deep dream.

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