The Reflective Illusion

tgeDreams are often interesting on many levels. Here a dream about a father can reflect real worries that are happening in waking life. But they also reflect more deeply. In this instance, the characteristics of a real person are used by the subconscious to talk about an inner strength that exists in the dreamer, and points to how the dreamer can be in herself to allow that characteristic to be of service in the balancing of her life and journey. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In my third dream I feel like I’m on a tropical island again. I’m with my dad, and I’m just more of an observer in this dream.

And it feels like my dad is still driving, like he’s at the age he is now, 92, and he’s still driving. And then they give him a bus to drive. Well, the first time he does fine, but then when they have him drive this bus, which has people on it, a second time, the bus suddenly goes into this tunnel that’s more like a station, and then there are two or three other buses in there already you don’t even see until you get closer to them. And so it’s very tricky, and there’s a curve right there, and he goes off the edge so his bus falls over, and you feel like some people are injured, or maybe someone’s killed.

And as I’m observing this I’m suddenly really annoyed because I feel like it was one thing for him to drive, but then for them to give him a bus that had to maneuver like that without warning just felt wrong.

John: That’s a very hard dream to understand again. Your dad represents to you something that you’re kind of concerned about, in terms of his age and whatnot, and his well being, and the attention you place upon him also gives back or feeds back something that is important to your nature in terms of reconciling something.

Your dad carries a quality of maybe having an audacity that continues to be able to make strides in the world, irregardless of his age. And yet, to a degree, your nervous concern about that actually is a self-limiting function. In other words, there’s something about the quality of what your dad’s doing, and the character of your dad, that is just fine.

But something about the way that you contend with this inside of yourself, just like your sister is even worse, much worse, in fact, in terms of how she worries about this and worries about that and tries to control this, or stabilize, or however you would say she’s doing this. Notice your dad’s reaction to it. He’s not going to be hemmed in. It’s not like he rejects that because it’s part of him. In fact, he would have it no other way, but he’s also not going to let it hem him in – even if what he does is deleterious. And it’s more apt to be deleterious if he submitted and didn’t hold the particular quality strength.

So what this dream is doing is it’s showing you a strength that you have, or that is in you, that’s part of you, that is represented as the masculine side through your father that gets destabilized and actually will have a complexity, or a problem, or go off the edge if you do not sustain and maintain it with a certain quality focus that’s imperative to the general well being, because how it is that you feel something, how it is that you see something, how it is that you carry yourself is how it’s going to be in the outer.

They’ve run this study, for example, and they have discovered that, they’ve done this medically, that there can be a person who will have, say, cancer, and they just don’t take the normal steps to take care of themselves and go and look at it and deal with it. They just have a positive nature or something, and this is kind of something that as an energetic that they carry, this feature of them having cancer is something that does not really fit. It’s something that may have been a condition brought on based upon how they were in the past, but they’re no longer like that now.

And so as they continue to maintain a certain attention, the cancer goes away. So in this scenario, if they go to a doctor and the doctor looks and they’re shocked that they had this malignancy, didn’t even know that they had this malignancy, their positive nature caused it to go away.

That’s like a miracle, how can that possible be? But then it is shown that then a person comes in, same condition, discovers that they have cancer, is shocked by the thing, gets worried by the thing, and it kills them faster than it should kill them.

So, what happened in terms of this reflective illusion? One had to do with a certain quality or trait in terms of how you carried yourself with a certain auric spatiality, and the other there was the lack of that, and so you were easily broken, or easily fractured.

And this dream is working like that. In other words, your dad carries this trait and quality that keeps him regular, and balanced, and proceeding to go on and on and on and on. Who knows? Could live to be over 100 because he has the right attitude, the right frame of reference, but he has to maintain this in the face of things that are projected at him that he doesn’t dare buy into because it would make him old real fast.

And so this is a dream in which you are shown the perspective of how a certain quality of nature, again it’s an aspect of kundalini energy carried in a cadence, instead of a way that is flying all over the place, carried with a solidity so that it upholds, and maintains, and sustains something that could otherwise be broken down. Isn’t that an interesting dream? Very complicated dreams. Holy cow!

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