A Lower Connection

Hieronymous Bosch

As people on a spiritual path, we are interested in the connection to higher things, but, as has been put forward, that is what our freedom of choice is all about. Humans will connect to the things that they choose, particularly if it has potent energy from them. That’s the reason people can completely lose themselves for moments or days and do crazy things: they have become powered by what they have connected to, through anger or hate. And as long as we’re on this planet, our choices will either take us toward higher energies or toward lower energies. It’s an energetic law. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I just remembered an interim dream, which is where I seem to have wandered to the house of a woman I knew. When I go in, she and her husband, they have somebody else there.

We all are wearing long dresses for some reason, not the man, but the women are and I am, and she’s doing something that, it’s healing but kind of involving old arts, like she’s taken something that almost looks like a scarab and she’s taped it on something for a minute over the other woman’s bellybutton and is just having her sit still for a while.

And then she does something similar to me, but not with this same symbol, or I forget what she’s using, but there’s something that she puts over my solar plexus for a few minutes. And then we seem to be visiting about the fact that I actually know what she’s doing, and I know how to do it, but I’m not doing that anymore, or studying or teaching it, even if I know how.

And then I seem to take off after a certain period of time has passed, for whatever we’re supposed to sit there for, I’ve taken it off and I’ve left it there. And that was the interim dream.

John: Gee, I hope that doesn’t happen that way, because that’s really scary.

In other words, the teacher talks about the idea of the feminine nature more or less being in such a state of plight and direness, based upon the way this has been such a patriarchal world that it no longer is able to bring in the light, or hold within manifestation, maintain within manifestation that which manifestation needs, because the soul of that element of the feminine needs to be trained, and the awareness that is housed in its chakras or in its nature, needs to be awoken in order to add a wholeness to life. And, in the process of awakening this, it’s like the establishing of a ring of light around the planet from which rays of consciousness can come through.

That’s kind of the way it is depicted or imaged so that one can try to put a framework or reference, in terms of the importance of the feminine. And what you are depicting is a feminine that has fallen into one of the worst things that the feminine could fall into, and that is a misuse. It’s gone into the misuse of a quality of magic, in terms of how it is able to address things.

In other words, normally it’s a facilitator of a wholeness, and one of the things that is criticized about the potentiality of the world switching more to a matriarchal society is that the feminine can develop itself where it has its wiles, and its nature, and its preening quality to the point where it can find that it can deal a little bit in the black arts. Or it can impose, in its way, in terms of it being part of nature, and can influence nature, and influence nature with its lower-self connection in nature through its solar plexus – such that it then can manipulate the changes.

It would be the counterbalance of the masculine developing a power and control so that it actually, as it is said, intrudes into the lower levels of the higher self in order to manipulate better, and so that it can take and sell to a collective consciousness in the outer, it could cause them to fall for anything, to buy into anything that it projects.

But, in this particular case, you’re suggesting and indicating that the way things ultimately end up happening, or the scariness of what is coming about, has to do with the feminine suddenly awakening in such of a way where it comes into doing things, instead of for the whole, are for itself as a manipulation – just like the masculine has a wisdom in something that it can maintain if you get caught up with it for the good of all of life.

The feminine has a magic that supposedly one always thought would just awaken for the good of creation in which it could effectuate and bring through and deal with the changes that are necessary and needed in life, but it can also take and be very witchy with those qualities in which that creates a whole other breakdown and problem for society.

And your dream image is suggesting that those dark arts are being contemplated.

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