Finding the Aliveness

energy-burstIt seems clear that the world is changing, and much of what we see is being triggered by an influx of new energies that many people are unable to handle. It has been said, in spiritual circles, that the person on a path is interested in all the things that the rest of the human race has discarded. Yet, as things change, more and more people will turn to where the aliveness is, and to the people whom it radiates from. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In the next dream it’s like there’s been some kind of an event on earth that involves aliens that you never see, but there are some survivors now and they’re trying to put things back together, a small group of survivors that I seem to be with, but I’m like more the observer. I don’t know if I ever see myself in this dream.

And so the people that are together in the wreckage of things are trying to pull together. Well, the aliens actually look like these tiny little microbes and so they mutate, and no one really seems quite aware of that at first. I’m looking at a scientist at one point; she’s an Asian woman. She has a little cut on her hand and I see this tiny little dot moving towards that cut and going into her body and multiplying. That’s like the alien, actually.

Then there are some people locked in a dark room because we think they’re dead because we think the aliens got them or whatever happened. Then it feels like the people that feel like they’re okay now and want to go forth are going to have this rubber raft that they’re getting into. And they’re about to launch into the water, and I notice that there’s a part of the raft that was punctured and it’s suddenly repairing itself. They don’t notice this, but that to me means that’s the aliens at work. They’ve repaired the thing in the raft, so they’re actually in the raft and people don’t even know it.

John: There you go. Now you are on theme. That’s how it works. In other words, the alien in your depiction that you’re having is the vibrational energy that a person doesn’t ordinarily understand that is coming through and effectuating things by the fact that it permeates and is intertwined with everything that exists. And that we in our separateness, try to uphold or maintain something away from that, and that is so present, so loud, so apparent, that it takes a lot of effort to be in a space that is separate from that.

And so just like the dark energy was acquired yesterday, that’s like alien energy – and yet it has the aliveness in it. This stuff that everybody pays attention to and whatnot has been collectively contaminated. It has been conceptually destroyed. This sort of stuff has just been totally disregarded and, therefore, there’s a tremendous energy. Maybe it’s a dense energy even, that’s been built into it that when you take and clean up the dense energy you find the aliveness behind that that was part of it coming into existence.

And so what you’ve done in your dream is you’ve come to recognize that the well being of something has to do with alien forces that you’re slowly coming to recognize. You call them alien forces, but you’re slowly coming to recognize that the boat can’t do without them. They are the boat, and they are the aliveness to the boat, right?

What you were doing, if I had the capacity to interpret your dreams, what you were doing was a vision. It wasn’t a dream. And a vision is something in which you get the direct communication of that which is important, and it goes way beyond the symbolism and you look at it very, very directly.

When something comes through in terms of it is so direct that you can’t say that it’s a dream. It has more of a visionary quality. It may have the images of something that’s a dream, but the transmission is more direct and, therefore, it’s more of a vision. That’s what you had there.

You’re telling the whole story of creation. This is a vision see, you’re telling the whole story of creation. This alien event has happened on earth. How was earth created? How was manifestation created? It was created by way of something that is completely foreign from our conceptualization. You bet it’s happened, and then you come in the story to indicate that it is manifestation, it is the boat, too.

You could go back and you could say, if there was one sentence in the Bible for example that you were describing, the sentence is, “In the beginning was the Word. The Word was with God. The Word was God. I mean, what else are you saying? I mean this whole thing is a vision.

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