Seeing the Unseeable

darkmatterYes, the planet is being bombarded by new incoming and elevating energies. We can feel them, and see the changes they are causing in the world around us. But are we aware of the changes that that process is triggering within us? It’s there, but we need to quiet the noise in us, the worries, the bills, the busyness of life, and connect to the greater system of our inner lives. There we can connect to the new intelligences now available. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Well, my first thing is a vision, too, and that’s how I can recognize the vision in terms of the directness to the theme, and you hit the theme to the vision. The rest of it didn’t sort out very well because it’s kind of hard to dream when you have something that’s a pure vision. Can you get it straightaway from the pure vision?

In the meditation dream, I’m looking at a scene that portrays in general what is going on energetically in life. The reflective images are suddenly affected by the intersecting of another plane of existence with this, upon this. What this intersecting of two planes of existence does is to cause a shift in awareness, in my awareness, because I’m affected like this. I’m now suddenly see a whole new dynamic as a result of this inner plane interceding or intersecting.

In other words, what I saw was an image. The image may not have taken up the entire screen, but the image is very basic. It’s an image that everybody sees. It’s like a vision see. Coming into this image was something else like on another plane, and when it affected and it hit the plane of manifestation that one is accustomed to, it changed it, it caused something new to come from inner into outer.

We’re using a vision to describe how the energetic works. And you could say, okay, here you had that, how do you understand that? What this intersecting of two planes of existence does is it causes a shift in awareness, like I just said. I had gotten so accustomed to existence and its typical reflections, the images had gotten to the point where something needed to change.

In other words, you can get bored after a while. The same old same old had become blasé and boring, but now this other plane has come in so something is anew that I am having to assimilate as outer manifestation, I’m having to assimilate, that has come into the outer manifestation that everyone isn’t familiar with collectively, because this is what is now meant to be experienced. It is like an overlay. In other words, the old is changed by this.

The intersecting of this other plane of existence upon the collective consciousness of ordinary manifestation is the visual way of seeing what is going on for descriptive purposes. So in other words, now what I’m going to be attempting to do is I’m going to attempt to show you how you see this in ways outside a vision, too. In other words, you can see it as a vision, and you can see it outside of a vision. You can see it in terms of normal symbolism like how the teacher talks who doesn’t use the vision to portray it.

So a more general way of describing the transition is to say that from within a change in life has been brought into manifestation. To cope I must let go of all self-limiting concepts. If I don’t let go I suffer because I am out of sync. Life is meant to be appreciated and ingratiated in a new way, and I am not able to buy into this. I’m not able to enjoy this more awakened awareness if I do not drop what was, and bring through me the shift to a whole new inner consciousness.

This more general way of describing the preordained change that is now happening is an easier way of saying it. The easier way of saying it is for those who cannot yet see the shift visually.

So now what am I saying? I’m saying that I’m kind of actually seeing the light, ain’t I? My sudden ability to see the shift, as caused by an intersecting of another plane of existence, is the same thing as saying that, vibrationally speaking, I am getting closer and closer to taking in a whole new light streaming into manifestation. Instead of being able to intuit and know what I don’t see as the inner light, as a changing, I am slowly learning to discern this through the vibrational changes. In other words, not quite seeing the light yet, but I can pick up the vibrational changes.

To be able to readily discern the vibrational changes in the environment is a precursor step to seeing the whole new light affecting and shifting things from within. See, this is a precursor to this. When you’re working with sound, you’re working with vibration, but then light works with vision and the combination of light hitting a world of sound creates dream images, but vision takes out the qualities of something that are caught in still a type of reflective conceptualization and what is happening is really then a true catching up visionarily to the pure light, or the pure vibration. First the vibration, and then the light.

So now I’m going to try to report this in a whole other way. To report this shift mystically speaking, I am letting go of what had been and experiencing through me an inner awareness I’m now letting go to. In other words, I’m allowing this to happen. I am now letting go to experiencing through me an inner awareness in which the God within, I mean how else would be describe this? I mean we hate to use that word because we want to demystify God. The God within is coming into the plane of manifestation. He is coming in as a light.

See, I’m actually turning this into a mystical way of saying it. My awareness of this light brings me into access with the information encoded and imbedded in this light. So when I am more vibrationally intertwined, this is my connection of the newfounded eyes and ears of what is now going on consciously as something is anew from within is being ushered into creation.

And so to describe this better, more directly speaking, a vision is upon an octave of light. A dream is upon an octave of sound because manifestation was created through sound. For as long as we symbolically dream, we are caught in reflection.

Deeper within the dream is the vision. In this vision that which is real as the true inner essence becomes knowable. It’s knowable because you go directly to the vibration. You don’t just barely touch it, you’re almost swallowed by it, that’s Samadhi. To truly see it is to see the unseeable inner light that embodies everything in manifestation, the universe, and cosmos simultaneously. That’s making a really, really big statement there. So that’s the experience of the meditation dream.

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