An Illusory Expectation

b5fSpiritual development moves us away from reaction and toward response, away from judgment and toward neutrality, away from all the little inner noises and toward an inner listening. It is a process of moving us away from our personalized, disconnected state and toward a more universal state of connection. It is an incremental tuning, and we shift on an inner level. When we let go of our desire to be in charge, we become gifted with the guidance of greater intelligences.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: This still is an interesting story.

I am the new number one. I’ve been renamed and I’ve been reprogrammed, and something about me has been supposedly changed. And I’m at this arranged living complex. Like I say, the old me has been reprogrammed to fit in with the way things are at this installation, or complex.

So as I walk through the door, having come down a corridor and because I’ve been reprogrammed it’s now okay as a reprogrammed and changed person, I’m able to go into this new section of the installation. The old me could have never gone there because I was too something or another, and so as I go inside I’m ushered to a table to eat where I can sit and eat.

The whole sensation is I’m like a new recruit in the eyes of them. However, what the system at this installation doesn’t know is that the reprogramming didn’t take, and I’m still the same old person from before – but I’m not letting on. No one knows that but me. I’m going along with this as if I have been changed just to see where this is going. You’re always play acting an illusion, don’t you to a certain degree?

So I’m led to a table that as I sit down is initially empty, and as soon as I sit down two others join me. One sits to the left and one sits to the right, and I know that they are preprogrammed because they come in looking alike, and they each have the same deep blue suit jacket. I’m not dressed like that. I’m not programmed like that. I’m dressed casually and so I realize I’m not quite programmed to be like them. I’m programmed differently, but not like them.

And then others join and they sit further down to the right of this long bench-like table. And then the food is brought out and so as I take… my silverware is all wrapped up in a napkin or whatever they call that. Anyway, it’s all wrapped up in that and so as I go to get it out to eat I notice that all of the silverware is dirty, unwashed. No one picked it up. It’s got food particles, everything on it. It hasn’t been washed. I don’t have clean utensils.

With a little effort, I finally get the waitress’ attention. She is a cutie pie, but boy you just can’t get her attention. So she apologizes profusely but really isn’t serious because I mean she’s not quite real. She’s not quite right. It’s as if I have interfered with the flow of things and her preprogramming. But she does bring me over a handful of silverware, and as she lays them down I look at them and they’re all spoons. I’ve got five or six or seven spoons.

I comment to those at the table, “What am I to do with this?” So again I have to try to get her attention. I want silverware. I don’t have a fork or anything like that. She’s like a zombie going around in a trance. So I actually stand up and talk in a loud voice, and interfere whatever the heck she’s doing, break her trance, to get her attention.

When I get her to kind of come over I say, “What am I to do with this? Bring me some real silverware. I would slap you if I thought it might wake you up.” I’m really carrying on here.

As I sit down after having confronted her like this, I look again at the silverware. I have three forks. In other words, initially it was all spoons. I now have three forks and two knives. It’s still a mishmash but I kind of realize that out of all of this hodgepodge I probably could make a set of silverware, but now I’m into my reaction.

And so at the other end of the table there’s a woman that is asking this guy, “What the heck is going on.” The guy next to that woman says, “Two knives and three forks.” That’s the answer. In other words, he doesn’t have what he needs. He has got two knives and three forks. He hasn’t got it precisely the way it should be.

So what is going on? The dream is saying that I live in an orchestrated world of illusion in which nothing is real except my pretended belief that I am entitled to expectation. In other words, nothing is real, although I’m pretending that something is real in terms of the expectation that I’ve slipped into, just like I have this righteousness issue. It can get me in a lot of trouble. I can be okay with things and then I go off on some cause or something. I need to let go of this self indulgent veil before it carries me away into a trance-like illusory expectation realm.

The meaning is, is when in a dream of illusion it is hard to get out. In other words, especially when you fall for it. I mean for a while I can play act, but eventually you tend to fall for it. And every energetic mannerism has its own outer corresponding reflection. The illusion, when you’re caught up in it, continues to continue. It’s maintained based upon human reactionariness. It is from a reactionariness that a person gets dumbed down consciously and placed into a veiled trance.

You go stupid. You know, once you start reacting you no longer see things in the right perspective. A part of me knows that I am living in a fake, externally reflective society, but still I get carried away by the illusion. In other words, to a degree I could go along with what is happening as if it is real, but I will become lost when I take up the part that is seriously affecting me.

In other words, at some point this stuff goes and goes until you blink and you bite, right? When you bite you’re in trouble. You go off on a tangent and act as if the projection is real. The reason for having such a dream is to demonstrate the means by which I am readily deceived over and over again. And when the delusional reflection gets a hold of me, I become lost and fall right back into an unconscious reaction. I become lost by the process of falling back into an unconscious reactionariness. So that was an interesting dream, huh?

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