Holding a Position

conscious-awarenessWe often don’t realize how much we are blown around by our emotions, moods, and sensitivities. Yet none of those aspects are actually “us,” they are just the way our system is reacting to what is being experienced – according to a print in us from an earlier time in our life. But we can have our own conscious ability to choose how we experience life and, if we make those choices in alignment with universal service then we will be supported by universal energies and intelligences. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: My dreams last night were hard to pull out. I don’t remember the early ones that well, other than traveling on a train at one point.

The later ones it feels like I’ve gone into this large building and there’s one corridor that’s been blocked off. And it’s like I want to go in there and extract some information from people there, but there are guards there. And then there are people that want to go in there with me to do it, but I don’t particularly want them to go with me because I feel like they’ll be overly abusive in how they extract information, or something.

So I’m trying to figure out how to free myself up a bit to go in there, kind of with the right weapons, in a sense, to use, and at the same time keep everything to a minimum. At first I go in there and I look and I see where the guards are, and what the situation is, and how it’s kind of thinned out from when there were a lot of people – so there are fewer people there now.

Then I go out into the corridor and there’s a dragon there, and it’s like I’m kind of laying down with the dragon for a while. And I can only stay next to the dragon a certain length of time because then I see a man coming that I know wants to try to extract the information, too, and I feel like he’ll be a bit too brutal. So it’s like I have to kind of keep on the move, and stay a little ahead of him, and figure out what things I take with me to kind of find the people I need to extract the information from, but stay far enough ahead of him or other people so that they don’t abuse the people I’m trying to get the information from.

So it was that kind of dream where I’m on the move all the time, and there’s a certain amount of conflict, and then I’m trying to do something by finding a certain alignment at the same time. So then it feels like I shift out of the hall, and I’ve driven over to my friend’s house. And all the time I’m trying to find a space where I can be, and have a certain alignment that involves three parts, and it feels like if I can get that alignment then I can get the information.

But when I arrive there it’s like I can’t go in right away because I realize her son, or someone else, is still visiting and unloading stuff so I’m pausing by a hedge. I will go around and be with all of them but, again, my focus seems to be on trying to hold a certain alignment all the time. That’s about the best I can do with the dreams because I couldn’t pull most of them out.

John: What you did was a great answer to a theme in which a part of me was reacting and, as a consequence, creating a crackup. And your answer was, instead of reacting, you put yourself in a position, you looked at holding a position, maintaining and sustaining a position so that you could gain access to something that was important.

In other words, instead of viewing the situation as overwhelming, and draining, you took the position that you could go into the situation and gain something from it. In other words, you could extract something of importance from it.

And so if it’s something you need, it’s something that’s needed for a greater wholeness in life. You have to extract the information as something that’s needed for a greater wholeness in life. The key to understanding this, because you’re dreaming a solution to an issue, and you don’t even know what the problem, or the issue, is because you’re just dreaming the solution.

In other words, there is a pressure or quality that exists that’s impacting things, that is the prevailing issue, that is the problem. That something that exists, that is doing this, is not discussed. You don’t know what it is that it is. Your dream doesn’t tell you that. The dream just tells you that the solution, the resolution, is to extract, is to go into to extract and use a quality from within all of that of which there’s something important that needs to be pulled through and pulled out. That’s what the dream indicates.

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