Fitting the Flow

max2One way that we could describe the purpose of a human life is to connect into the flow, in the sense that we are born on a planet, but what is happening as a universal process has been ongoing since the start. That’s what we want to connect into, universal flow. That is where we truly become in service to higher processes, and that is also where our unique gifts are most appreciated. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In my first dream I feel fairly young, like somewhere between 17 and 20, and the whole dream is kind of the colors are dark, and it always feels like its nighttime, or twilight or something, and I’m in a town that feels somewhat older.

And it feels like that time period right after school when everyone’s trying to get their own sense of direction, and it feels like part of what I want to do is take part in a play. And I run into a guy I know and I’m intrigued because he’s in a play, so I follow him into this area that’s partly a bar and maybe partly a playhouse, and I want to kind of understand how all of this works.

But when I go in there, it’s like this bar area is being run somewhat by someone who feels kind of rough, more like a gangster or something, so it’s like in a way I’m trying to figure out how to be there, get out of there, get into the play area, the area where plays are, and not attract the attention of either people that feel that you shouldn’t be there, or the type of people that hang out there. That’s the best impression I have of that first dream.

John: So, the theme of the dreaming last night was, in an intertwined world, in which everything is connected, and the connection is figured out by a person becoming aligned.

So what you were doing in your dream is you’re taking and you’re looking for how it is that you fit in to a flow. And as you’re moving about you’re recognizing where it is that you’re not naturally intertwined, as you’re trying to find how you’re intertwined, or how you’re in flow.

The theme of the dreaming had that quality to it in that the way this came across was, as one is dreaming the little images inside that have to do with undulating about, you’re looking for where the flow feels natural, and where the flow is supported in your being. And, as you find that, is how it is that you’re meant to support, or maintain, or be connected to the way things intertwinedly flow.

Now what is interesting is there is this wholeness and this oneness that exists in everything in life, and the similitude that we find is one of an energetic nature. In other words, we come to know how we’re energetically correlated – but that doesn’t necessarily mean that we all take and have to do the same thing.

We each are like a thought of God, or we’re somehow or another through our experiences, or unfoldments, over the millennia of life have come to have specific and particular orientations. Maybe it’s always been that way. Maybe it’s not. But it is that way now, that is naturally geared to a particular flow. It’s like on an inner level we have paid some… in other words, if we were to look at it in a crude way, we could say that on some inner level we paid a price of admission to be able to find our linkage and intertwined connection – and when we do, it’s exhilarating, it feels whole, and we flow then with how we are meant to be in manifestation.

But we flow from that energetic, from an innerness coming into the outer, and we recognize like-minded people who are doing the same. So it seemed like in your dream you were trying to figure out how you distinguish that, and you tend to distinguish it by the way it comes about and affects your orientation. And your orientation is typically established by how it is that your heart recognizes something in terms of how it is touched.

And so you were taking and you were looking in that regard, and you were finding, or seeking to find, the thread that twined – in terms of you.

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