In the Presence of It

eeeeeThe idea of “treasure” in a dream is often pointing to what is hidden in us and needs to be unearthed, or discovered. And if we look at the world today, we can see that most everyone is out chasing ways to add more treasure to their lives – externally. But perhaps that is just an overcompensation for the emptiness we feel by being disconnected from our inner treasure. It’s unlikely that humans have been born incomplete in some way. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I don’t remember that much of my dreams last night. What I do remember is it felt like I was looking for this treasure, and I would go to someone that felt like my sister and I would borrow this map, and I would go out in this area.

And I’d found this area, and I would go into it, and I was discovering or rearranging things that were in the landscape there. And other people would try to see what I was doing, but they didn’t know exactly how to read the map. But I had to bring the map back at night, and even though other people wanted it, I didn’t want them to have it because I didn’t really want them to go and take the treasure.

It’s like I was going and kind of discovering where it was and reworking the area a little, and then bringing it back without wanting people to particularly know that I’d found it, or exactly what I was doing. That’s the most I remember. I think the rest of the dreams just seemed like a jumble. I couldn’t pull anything out.

John: The image is interesting in that you know that there is a wholeness that is okay just in the way that it is, that it’s not meant to be taken and stirred. In other words, you don’t see yourself appropriating it. You just see yourself as able to sustain it, or maintain it, in other words it’s within your field of purview, it’s in the overallness.

It’s a container energy understanding in that it’s not something that belongs to you, that you can take in some capacity. What’s interesting about being able to observe it or denote it like this, is that there’s nothing then that you are required to do. In other words, there’s nothing that you are meant to do, or have to do. In noting it you also need to probably denote that the fullness of it all resides in the overall awareness of the fact that you have this awareness.

In other words, what this does inside is it creates a sense by which the heart is able to denote how it’s able to move about in a certain ease-ability. The problem that a person tends to have, in coming out of the misalignment, is that you are letting go of having to take possession of, or to hold onto, or to shift, or to move something – almost in kind of a claimant capacity. You’re finding that it’s okay just as it is, and that takes a certain kind of trust in the awareness.

And what that really is, too, is it’s a precursor to a greater understanding: that there isn’t really anything going on. The degree to which one has to try to grab onto something, or claim something, is founded in the idea and belief that something is missing, and that something is enhanced by the taking, or the grabbing of something. And, in this particular dream, you’re recognizing that that isn’t true, that it is better to just be able to be in the presence of it all, and leave it alone, and thus there is a certain freedom that you have.

The reason why a dream like this is hard to pull out, and hard to remember, is that there is a sensation about it of a fullness, and when there’s a sensation of a fullness it’s easy to sit kind of in an amnesia with it, in which it’s engulfing. And so somehow you were able to remember something, probably because there had been a notion or something in terms of what to do. Maybe it was a slight flicker or something in which you then responded from a greater sense inside of yourself that what was meant was to appreciate it just as it was. Interesting dream.

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