Reading the Essence

energy-of-the-soul6We see the realm of effects, not the realm of causes. It is energy that causes things to appear in manifestation, but if we want to connect to the fundamentals of life we want to learn how to see, and feel, our way behind the surface of things. And that is part of our in-born design capability – to sense energies and learn to translate their meaning. Because, as has been said before, our systems are the most fantastic machine in the universe and they have much more information to tell us – if we can begin to listen. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: All I really seem to remember about my dream is it involved this gold mine, and taking out the gold. And it’s like other people didn’t understand the gold was really complete, but the gold was actually made complete by something we added to it that was black.

And I seem to understand what made the gold complete, and I think that the other people around me either thought that it was incomplete, or didn’t understand about how the blackness made it complete.

And I can’t really remember much more about the dream than that. There were discussions about that, but I was studying this whole thing on what you did to make the gold complete.

John: The theme of the dreaming was to get behind the appearance of something in the outer and discover what it is about that which takes and causes it to have a kind of inner essence.

In other words, in the outer it reflects a particular condition and that condition, that quality that it has in terms of appearances in the outer, correlates to something on an inner level as an essence, as a vibratory quality and trait, that gives it a meaningfulness. In other words, gold is a reflective condition of something that has value and has reached a state of kind of, symbolically speaking, overall completeness.

But it’s not the reflective appearance of gold per se that makes it that way. It has something to do with what has come to pass as a vibrational inner essence quality, and this is what is real, and that the gold itself – as an object in manifestation-  is a reflection of that. That’s why it’s symbolic. And that’s why it has the alchemical quality that it is said to have, just like silver has another alchemical quality, and it’s why you can have various things that in the outer provide some degree of relatability in terms of touching a nature, or inner nature that is, in some way that helps us, if we’re aware, to recognize that outer reflection hearkens back to the inner essence.

So what you basically have, and you’re working with gold, what you basically have is you have in manifestation all kinds of things that have a particular appearance, or look, or quality to them, and you’re inclined to think, okay, that’s just how it is. But, no, everything in manifestation is what it is in manifestation, it is shaped to be what it is in manifestation, in order to reflect something from within, a vibratoriness, an energetic from within.

And every vibratoriness and energetic within has this corresponding reflection in the outer. So when you’re looking at gold, gold first of all carries that quality, and so what you’re doing is you’re trying to understand that, and you know that it has to do with something that you can’t see. And in order to understand that you have to go into the depths of something. To stay on the surface you have to go into the depths, and that’s why it is black like coal. And you have to see what that process is that caused it to energetically change from something like coal to gold, or a blackness to gold.

What you are doing is you’re sorting out, inside of yourself, how it is that there is this effect or influence on a vibratory level, that plays itself out reflectively in the outer, and that playing out, or that coming through in the outer, is a reflection of the vibration behind it all. And so everything in manifestation is a reflection of an energetic that is an aliveness that has learned, or is able, to be in manifestation, reflectively, to that which cannot be seen, that is an essence or vibratory quality note.

And that essence or vibratory quality note is described by one word: it’s called soul. And that soul permeates everything, and everything is affected by soul or, you could even say, an unseen light and that unseen light has information and embodied vibration to it that comes down and into life, or into this plane of existence, and is what we call manifestation.

So you’re looking at something that has reached a particular quality where it is deemed to have a certain essential value and, in your dream, you’re attempting to look beyond the state that it’s in, in other words backdoor, back to see how all of that got put together, how the energetic and the vibration got put together.

And you know that it became what it became based upon some unfoldment process, vibrational unfoldment process, and so you’re trying to come close to that, to recognize that. In other words, what you’d be recognizing is the characteristics and qualities of an energetic in your nature that facilitated that to become something that then reflects as gold.

Jeane: I think in that dream I just realized that a lot of people didn’t realize the gold was actually ready to be mined. They didn’t know it was complete.

John: Correct. That’s because people sit in a state of amnesia. They are responding or relating to other outer reflections instead, and do not necessarily notice the energetic itself presenting itself. If they’re not ready for it, or if they’re not attuned to it, you then do not notice the inner flow, and you continue to be caught up in other outer reflections.

And this corresponds to like seeing something afar but seeing things all around it and then caught into the myriad of things, and then you’re not able to go into the essence of what is meant to be vibratorally. You get closer and closer and pretty soon all that you see is a particular thing, and then eventually you can merge with that and, when you do that, that’s when you take on that essence. It’s not the object itself.

But, to begin with, you might have to go completely into the object. You might have to lose yourself completely to get to that essence. It’s like staring at a picture, for example, initially you can look at it casually and say, that’s a neat picture, but then you can just stare at it and stare at it and go into a kind of a whole space where you just fall into it – and some aliveness can occur and you get closer and closer to the essence and maybe the vibratory intent, you know the whole heartfulness, or however you would say it that’s within that picture, in terms of it being a reflection that has come through into a manifested state. And yet in the eyes of the person who made that picture, it was but a vibration and an innerness, at some point in time, that got put onto canvas.

So, you can come closer and closer to something until you lose yourself in that, and that kind of merging results in you going to what is going on in that stillness behind all of that. In other words, the painting is the reflection, but the energetic of the painter is something else – and that never changes. It just got put on canvas. There’s a stillness to that that got imbedded into manifestation as a painting on canvas, and you can go all the way back and appreciate that.

Everything is made alive by energies that are floating out there that then constellate in objects, and those objects then give off a resonance and that resonance is not the appearance and such that you have to the five senses, but is to the vibration that went into them, a quality of that is the innerness that is real. It’s the soul in things.

Everything has kind of a quality of a soulfullness, and the human being is the person who can read that to greater and greater and greater degrees. That reading of that enables them to take on all that there is and lose themselves in everything that is the outer. In other words, in that regard you then go beyond the karma of things that have their fancy and ways with you because you relate strictly to that which is truly real, which is unseeable, which is the innerness and, for lack of a better word, is the soul.

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