A Full Embrace

life_is_beautifulWe have talked about the need to stop and be caught when in a chase dream, because we are all the characters in our dreams, and that allows a connection to be made – often by overcoming a fear or resistance in the process. Here, the resistances are much finer and much more subtle, yet they’re still present. So the gap is closing in this example, but there is still a bit more letting go required before there is a full embrace of this new connection. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I just remember some fragments of dreams. In one fragment, it’s like I’ve gone up to this man’s room. We both don’t have our clothes on – and he’s someone I knew from junior high school, actually. It feels like we embrace, and then I leave because I have someone else I’m with.

And when I go down in the elevator, at first I start going down, and that’s how other people do in the elevator, they go down and up, but I seem to find an elevator that also goes sideways. And so I’m trying to figure out how that works and get down.

And then I think at some point I do find my partner again.

John: I would have been confused if that elevator would have went up or down. Sideways makes the dream make sense.

So, what you’re doing is you’re not allowing yourself to be properly soothed. And the reason why you’re not allowing yourself to be properly soothed is you have some mannerism, or attitude, that’s really latent in your nature, that is causing some sort of rejection.

And, as a consequence of this, you find yourself continuously trying to cause something to be a particular way, and because you’re trying to cause something to be a particular way you keep repeating the pattern over and over and over and over again. And the pattern is as if something isn’t happening in your life that you’re entitled to.

In other words, somehow or another you see that everybody else has something such and such and so and so. Once you get off on this motif it never ends, even if it was a little more this way or a little more that way it would always never be quite right. It would always be something that you still are missing, or entitled to. And so you look at that and what you have to do is you have to take that and you have to turn that to where that is really aiming, and where that’s really aiming is to that proper embrace with yourself, that is that note that gives you everything – and that comes from within.

And so the most positive way this dream would have come out, would have been if you would have been able to accept the embrace, because that embrace is the full acceptance of that note, and that quality. But, by going sideways, you’re continuing to repeat the pattern over and over and over again, because there’s something that just isn’t quite coming through together, in terms of what and how it is that you perceive a need to be. And the problem is that the need has to do with a certain kind of perspective that you’re not getting to the depth of.

And so it has this outer twang as opposed to this inner essence. And it’s the inner essence behind this that’s driving it. In other words, the inner essence keeps trying to come through, and then that causes these outward reflections that go on and on and on and on, but behind that the really positive thing behind that is the inner essence.

Can you get to the point where you actually accept the total, complete, and full embrace? Without any preconceptions, or whatever, you accept the full embrace. Because what you’re embracing is yourself. You’re embracing the essence of yourself. And instead, when it is treated as if something is errant in some capacity, when there’s always something that is errant in some capacity, that fact that that’s errant means that you are not accepting something in terms of a wholeness.

You could even take the whole thing that happened in the dream group last night, and you’d say this was your answer to it. It’s a good answer. That’s a healing answer. There was a lack of being able to accept something, and then there was a tangential deal. Your dream had the answer to it.

The answer to it is, to keep from going sideways, you have to accept the embrace, and you have to accept the embrace from a space inside that is a depth that kind of keeps everything fine.

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