A Quality of Self

the_bodyThey say that animals are going extinct every day. Yet, perhaps, we too could be losing aspects of ourselves that we don’t utilize, or that we bury, or deny as we carry on in life. And, sometimes, those very things could be the gifts we came here to offer as a service. In this dream image, two aspects of the dreamer are in danger of being imprisoned, and something needs to be done. But, of course, it is up to the dreamer to consciously accept and embrace these inner aspects. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: The other fragment I remember is it’s like there are two supervisors. They’re my supervisors, a woman and a man, and there are a couple of people that I supervise that are on probation. They must be like probation clients or something.

And these two people, two guys actually, young guys, they’ve been called to the supervisor’s office. And I kind of get word that it’s possible that at least one or both of them may have to go back to jail or something. And I’m very perplexed by this. It’s like I want to go talk to the supervisor about it, or see what I can do, because I feel like I must have done something or not done something for this to be happening, because as far as I can tell both of these young men are really innocent.

Well, find out what we can do on their behalf because I feel like they themselves haven’t done anything to warrant going back to jail, so the feeling I have is the only reason this is happening is that maybe because they were doing so well that I was negligent, and did not keep on track with what the authorities wanted, or do something that needed to be done on their behalf or this wouldn’t be happening.

Because I can’t see it happening as a result of anything they’ve done, and I don’t understand why it’s happening. And I feel like maybe the supervisor can help and one won’t go away, but maybe the other’s still going to be put away? And I’m trying to figure it out because I see them as blameless, and so I know that I must have not done something or done something, or this wouldn’t be happening.

John: Well, that’s a good shamanistic adab. In other words, the principle of a shaman, one of the main principles of a shaman, is whenever anything is placed in their path they view it as a learning curve of something, especially if it’s something that they haven’t taken into account, or it tends to tweak them to having to shift or adjust in some capacity. They take that on as a responsibility because they’re supposed to be able to hold the equanimity of the whole.

In other words, that’s the adab you’re coming from. You recognize the something more and that it wouldn’t have happened if there would have been a certain note or balance that could have been recognized. That is a wonderful attitude to have, to recognize, or adab to have, to recognize that what took place was over-the-top, out of twang, in relationship to the situation that existed there, that maybe in a deeper level space would have never happened.

And so if you see yourself as part of the whole and the overall, and you see something like that go on, you feel like you could have made the difference, in some capacity, at some depth. And, you know, that’s true. It’s very, very interesting. In other words, instead of looking and recognizing what took place is something like oh, okay, and the masculine way of looking at it would be you could sit back and you could see that.

Instead, you took the very oriented overallness vibration, and took it to heart, and indicated that this has happened because something got missed. And if something got missed, then this kind of has something to do with you. But in terms of your overallness, the fact that this happens, deep down the dream is saying that the difference is that you, as a quality of yourself, could have swept that situation and it would have been okay. You could have held the space for that situation that could have been okay.

But then taking this dream into the bigger context, it basically means that you can’t cut anything off, you know, you know how to take into account everything, so you don’t go sitting and having a nuance or attitude about this, and a nuance or attitude about that, which causes you to throw things off, which again gets to what we were talking about where it can create a sticky situation, in terms of your own well being, because you could be taking on a spell with yourself, attitudinally, that’s poisonous.

That’s why I mentioned right at the very beginning, you are accentuating what I consider the highest adab that a shaman has, and a shaman has this whenever they come across anything in their path. They recognize that as something that they have to take on. The whole series of books, the Carlos Castaneda things, are based upon the fact that Carlos Castaneda was found by Don Juan near dead in the middle of a road. And the fact that Don Juan came across Carlos Castaneda like that and took him on meant that this thing went on and on and on and on and on.

It all started from something like that. It was a responsibility that he came across, where there was something about what he fell into, or came across, that tweaked something in him, that had to do with the process, that he had fumbled on and he had to, in his overall nature, he had to recognize that this was part of him.

And so those two figures in your dream are part of you, and you can’t take and throw one away and keep the other, nor can you be in a life in which you have this kind of helter-skelterish going on because this is not how a Oneness is. It’s an interesting dream.

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