Coming Across

7dfHumans are able to effect things energetically – we do it every day, although we’re not really aware of it. It could be because of a strength that another picks up on, or a weakness that allows something to occur. But if we become conscious of what we are radiating, or upholding in ourselves, then the effects enter the realms of magic, even though it’s just the way energy works as it interacts. History is filled with the stories of people whose energy has changed the world around them – but every one of us is equally capable of it. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well in this first dream I don’t quite see what I look like, so I can’t tell you if I’m masculine or feminine, but anyway there is a woman with me that’s been captured by this couple. I think it’s a brother and sister. This is kind of like a magic village, in a way, because they can be some kind of monster, so I know I can’t quite take them on, but I have to free the woman.

Now I know that in order to do that there are a couple of objects that I can get that can help me, and one of these is something that I think I pick up and when I throw it down it might even become a bird, or become something that will just kind of enthrall them and they won’t attack me.

And then there’s a second thing that I throw down that maybe bursts into something else, so I have to go find the objects. They’re either hidden or they’re somewhere else, and first I approach the couple. They don’t attack me this time. I can see that the girl I need to kind of rescue is held in their house. It’s not enough just to get her, though. It feels like I also want something that will bring out of the woodwork the other things that are hiding – so there’s a third thing I need.

I’m kind of gathering my objects. I go into town and there’s a store. The people see me coming and they try to lock the door and I just run against it until I force the door open. It has kind of opaque glass on it. Then when I’m in there, and where there are all these counters, these are kind of people they could be kind of threatening, but I think they’re neutral.

Once I’ve got in the store, then I can seek out what it is that I need. And once I get that, and I go back, I feel like not only do I have something that will force the couple to kind of be a little diverted while I rescue the woman and get her back again, but it will bring out the other forces that need to be confronted – and they may even help confront them. I’m not quite sure how that works.

John: So what you’re trying to do is you’re trying to find something that would occupy the attention of others so that something else could naturally unfold.

So isn’t this like indicating that you have a way of seeing an imbalance that is occurring, but in order to throw that effect off from yourself you have to find within a way of coming across that takes and obliterates the abstraction, or the obstruction, simply by having changed the energy. In other words, you’re not attacking anything.

In other words, if you sense something that’s imbalanced and, before it gets to the point where it is imposing such an effect upon you that you have to get reactive, before you get to that stage, while still in a state of calm composure, you’re able to find, you can find inside yourself a way of confronting, addressing, and handling an imbalance – and you do it indirectly.

In other words, you do it by bringing out something that you know, bringing something forth from within, and it’s a masculine use of energy. You’re bringing forth from the depths of how you feel things an insightfulness, or a clarity, that takes the place of a reactionariness, or imbalance, that would normally and ordinarily predominate.

You know, it seems like, what it really seems like in terms of the trend of your dreams, is that you’re taking and you are going into areas in which from one way or perspective of looking at it, isn’t something that a person would be inclined to suggest, or indicate, is an issue or a need for you to do – as if you’re missing something. It’s not like that.

Instead, what it’s like is so much of your dreams lately have been along the lines of an area in which you’re actually fairly well balanced, but are required to go even further in that natural direction.

In other words, it’s like I have a nature or habit of looking at a dream and pondering it from the standpoint of, what is it saying that has to do with something that is amiss, or is a blindside that needs to be realized, or recognized, in order to facilitate a greater alignment? And that that is something that is missing in some capacity, n terms of the personality, or norm, of your nature.

But what you’re dreaming is you’re dreaming things in which you’re taking something that is already fairly well refined, and it’s acting like you need to step out with that, as if you have to continue to flow in that direction, but even more so.

In other words, as an example, if I’m in a neurosis, or if I’m way out of balance, or carrying on in some sort of excessive extreme, you have a way of ignoring that and, in ignoring that, you have a way of balancing that.

In your case, what seems to be suggested, is it’s okay for you to find a means of coming across from these spaces, from what is a high principle of development, to be able to come across from that. In other words, you don’t have to sit quietly with that trying to effectuate an invisible change.

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