A Proper Mirror

mirror_09_The relationship between teacher and student in a spiritual endeavor entails more that sharing knowledge and wisdom, although that is part of it. There is also the energetic aspect, whereby the teacher can offer new possibilities to the student by effectively being a mirror to the student. In this way, the deepest insights are not taught to the student, rather the student is able to make discoveries by themselves because what had been hidden becomes more clear. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: This movie, The Master, last night that’s kind of based on… I think it’s based on somebody’s notion of what the early Scientology was like. It seemed to influence my dreaming because it felt like there was some kind of base that was just like that place where they were establishing their center and all of the kind of crazy dynamics that were going on.

And then I would leave that base and I went over to an area, but I’d get to a place where when I was parking my, I had a little Volkswagen Beetle, and I was parking it and you’d park it around this area where people I guess went skiing or did other things. And I like to park it in a parking lot that felt secure, but for some reason my little car ended up being parked right next to this big drop off, or cliff, that went way down.

And the cliff did have some steps that went down, and for a while I was just going back and forth in the dream where I just find myself out at that area where you could go skiing, and then I might find myself back closer to the city. It felt like it was always a swift transition.

And then I had gone over and I had climbed down these steps, concrete steps that went down the cliffside, and I was climbing back up them and I got up near the top, and I saw that near the top the entryway back up, one side was too narrow, and to get around the other side I have two steps where I’d have to kind of expose myself to falling off the cliff. And maybe I could make it, and maybe I couldn’t. So I’m pausing there because I don’t like this whole scenario.

And I look over and there’s a matching set of steps on the other side, and I notice there’s this kind of championship swim team that has been able to climb down and has come up the steps. And I feel good about them, but I’m kind of in a dilemma. I’m not quite sure how I’m going to make it up those last two steps myself, kind of pausing there. None of it feels very safe.

John: The theme of the dreaming last night did incorporate what it’s like to have a master, in other words, how it is that a master works. And, yes, you do go down initially into the depths of yourself, but when you go down into the depths of yourself you’re supposed to come up in a way that has more freedom to it, like the championship swim team on the other side.

Because if you don’t come up with more sense of a freedom, you’re inclined to get caught in kind of a cycle that goes back and forth that has to do with a use of energy in which your awareness nature is caught in kind of an intertwined dilemma. By intertwined dilemma, it’s like this: if you merge with the teacher, or that process, to the point where you lose your sense of real inner self, it becomes something like where the teacher’s energy comes across and refuels you. But you then can’t function necessarily on your own, because when the teacher lets go you’re left floundering.

And a teacher that does this sort of thing, when they let go of you, they have to go back inside of themselves and replenish. And this kind of empathic sort of thing is limited in terms of how far it can go.

The purpose of a dream like this is to point out that this is where everything starts. Everyone starts this way. In other words, to begin with you don’t know anything about the ability to intertwine or have any empathic qualities whatsoever. But, when you develop this ability, initially it functions a little bit like, as the teacher would say, like a vacuum cleaner in that it picks up the dust of the world. But when you pick up the dust of the world, you have to truly, totally, absorb it completely. You can’t just be carrying it in some capacity.

A teacher that carries it in some capacity, when they have a program will then have to go back and have to reboot themselves, because they will have put in their heart, or absorb, traits that they have to be free from in order to properly mirror. They will have put those characteristics, those qualities of something of themselves that’s still trying to advance – and they could easily be pulled down to the lowest common denominator. This is what creates infections and spells and everything else. You can even have this sort of thing in a dream group and stuff like that, where what you have is a hodgepodge of intertwining. And what ends up happening is if you don’t have a proper mirror that is able to take everything in with the correct boundary controls.

Sp you’re dreaming an aspect, but you didn’t complete it. I did that, too.

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