Boundary Controls

aurasWhen we talk about energetic connections, which are the fundamental pursuit of a spiritual journey, it is important to remember that they are not “us.” Energies we connect to can act through us into the world, but the idea that “we” are doing something turns it back into an ego practice. In the same way, a healer will not last long by taking on the ills of the clients, thinking that they are doing the “healing.” We can only offer such energies access through us by our higher intentions. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So in the dream, it starts off where I take a vehicle to a service station. The car is low on its essential fluids, so to bring the car up to optimal performance the car is connected to another vehicle which, upon it having higher fluid levels, it levels it out so that there’s an equilibrium then between the two. And then my car is then able to be brought into further alignment. But first of all it had to be brought up to a particular point before anything can happen.

The attendant says this takes a lot out of the other car because it blends the fluids and, in doing so, has to be refreshed afterwards to bring itself back to optimal performance.

This is an example of the limitation of a consciousness in which the teacher, who is empathic, weakens themselves when they take on the person, or student, to try to help them, and take on their karma for example, and then have to retreat themselves to restore themselves after doing this.

In other words, apparently this approach, everyone starts there in terms of opening up and becoming more sensitive. You become more empathically correlated, and this is the danger that you can get sucked into the lowest common denominators around you – when you take and lose a particular energetic to try to facilitate something else.

You start doing it that way, but you learn that that doesn’t work that way successfully. It can lead to cults and stuff where a teacher gets good at that. A little bit like what we were looking at with this whole thing on L. Ron Hubbard, the way they were trying to portray it, where everyone around L. Ron Hubbard had a certain psychotic mannerism to them, and L. Ron Hubbard even had his little psychosis in terms of how he worked with derelicts in terms of trying to understand something and write something down, and would go in and out of the psychosis himself as a process of trying to learn – which was sick because a good teacher will describe this sort of thing as stealing a person’s light.

And so the next part of the dream points out how a consciousness that was limited to this understanding is meant to evolve, in other words, to come into its real potential.

And in this part I get in an elevator. There are three other people that get in the elevator, and I am quicker than them in the sense that I push the down button for the ninth floor when I meant to push the up button for the ninth floor. And because I pushed the down button first, the elevator goes down.

And, of course, everyone might wince a little bit because everyone that got on knows that we all wanted to go up, and now I’ve somehow goofed up and it’s going down. And of course they’re going to higher floors than the ninth.

But all of a sudden when this thing rejiggers itself, I somehow do something else that misdirects the elevator and, this time, one of the passengers that very quietly, one that never showed any symptom of being reactive, who has gone to special schooling and knows this sort of thing more so than the other passengers, in other words is less frictional tense, quietly steps forward. When she turns her attention to the elevator buttons, a panel comes alive, and something comes out like a miniature computer. And she not only sets the floor for each person, but the music to be heard there, and on and on she goes, the temperature and everything you could possibly imagine. And she does this for each person according to their taste and their predilections, as if she just naturally knows this. And it’s part of heightening their being and consciousness in the process.

So the meaning is that the idea that consciousness is a function of absorbing only, and then restoring one’s self with a retreat by the teacher after an event, may be how it works initially, but now how it works at a more advanced level. After the mirrored approach, and having to go into the depths of one’s self over and over again, there comes a time when direct perception is possible. The second dream portrays this.

You no longer are affected by the lowest common consciousness denominators in creation, and are instead free to inflect directly with the essence. To be like an absorbant vacuum cleaner only, that’s how it kind of is initially in an empathic way that tends to pull down the other part of your higher self along with this effort of lifting up. In other words, that’s intertwining without proper boundary controls. That Star Trek movie that showed the empath, I don’t know if you remember that, where she would weaken herself to such a degree she could almost kill herself in order to heal something. In other words, that’s an exaggeration. And of course, that whole thing then taken into a spiritual path like that L. Ron Hubbard movie showed that.

So, by having this dream, I could see it is like this to begin with because we are created in an image of God, who is in everything, and as we come to know this, and haven’t acquired boundary controls yet, we are readily affected and infected by others. There comes a time in the mirroring process where we are able to remain in the knowable essence and be in manifestation as a perfect mirror. When this state is reached, we are able to constantly reset consciousness around us to the highest possible frequency for everyone able to receive accordingly.

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