The Seed

Caz Haigh

We understand that when we put a seed into the ground that it grows, eventually, into the fullness of itself. And we can understand ourselves as operating according to a similar mechanism, in that we are put on this planet to reach the fullness of ourselves (how could it be otherwise?). And yet we can also be the nurturing ground where things can grow in and through us, whereby our expression of those energetic seeds are another type of fulfillment – known as music, art, dance, writing, invention, and all that gets created, seemingly, out of thin air. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I didn’t remember a lot of my dream last night, but it felt like I was living in this house with other people. The colors were kind of gray, and I had gone from one room in the house to another room and I had placed these tiny little pods or something. I mean like these are like 1/16 of an inch, these two little pods on a leaf and covered it with another leaf.

I put them on a leaf and covered them with another leaf because they were going to hatch into these little beans, and when they hatched, which they did, the little beans would even be able to talk to you. They’re like the size of flies. Maybe they can even fly. I have the sense they can, but they can talk, too, but they’re tiny.

I take them into the room, I leave the room, I come back. You know, I see they’ve hatched. I’m kind of excited about it, actually, because I know at some point they’ll be able to even talk to me, but it’s hard to see them, too, because they’re so tiny and you’re not sure where they’ve gone. And it feels like another person in the house that knew about this, they come with me and I want to show them where the little beans are, but it’s hard to find them.

They’ve hatched out of their little cocoons, or whatever they were in. They move around and I’m afraid that with other people coming around and stuff that maybe they’ll get lost, or be too shy, or kind of disappear.

And, at the same time then, it feels like this college kid, he seems a little Canadian, he’s college-age anyway, comes and he wants to move into the house and I go over to talk to him. He’s carrying a book with him. He’s maybe going to do some studies before he decides what he’s going to do next, and he’s kind of solid and athletic looking. And I’m very dubious about him moving into the house because, I guess I don’t know how to explain it. He feels a little too loud to me, or a little too something, and I feel like this will disturb the beans. That’s all I remember of the dream.

John: Maybe the best way of describing it is to portray a Rumi poem. In a Rumi poem you have the ocean, and then you have the froth that is on the surface of the ocean. And the froth is like something that has come to the surface and, having come to the surface, it has its aliveness.

And the way Rumi portrays this froth to be is, it is like an aliveness that comes into manifestation. It can, in its potentiality, become the seed thought having surfaced to another being. And that’s really interesting because the essence of that poem is that everything becomes lived, that that’s the cycle of life: things come to the surface, come to an awareness, and then they live themselves out in manifestation.

Well, how that applies kind of in your dream is that, first of all the theme of the dreaming had to do with catching up with an energetic that is lying hidden and dormant inside of us that, once fully perceived, enables you to become who you’re meant to be, or how you’re meant to be.

In your dream these beans represent the seed thoughts of connectivity and alignment – in terms of how you’re meant to be. And those seed thoughts open up and they reveal a whole other being or beingness. And, as that opens up, what remains is the alignment of that to cause a result that is a greater whole.

And so this is like the Rumi poem, only you’ve done it in your symbolic way. You’ve created a vision of that which, carried to its fullness point, has you aligning through an awakening process of who you really are to everything that is in manifestation, in other words we take that and we roll it into its fullest result. Or, in terms of the path along the way, the inflections that are meant to come up that then need to be taken in and taken on, and lived, come alive for you and are like beans or qualities of yourself that is really just a singular beingness.

It’s actually a way of showing how you are in relationship to an image of God. In other words, that demystifies everything going on around you: everything is alive. But, first of all, it is something that you discover in life. In other words, you have it on a leaf, and yet it is also hidden in life because another leaf is put over it to protect it. And then it hatches or it pops, it germinates. It becomes an aspect of something new in manifestation, and then you realize that if you pull all of that back into yourself, that that’s you, going around manifesting things in the outer. That you are everything, you’re in everything, and that some part of you is popping everything this way and that way as you’re perceptivity of consciousness.

In other words, the key is to take this from something that appears to be separate, like the froth on the water in the Rumi poem, that becomes a thought, that becomes a being, that becomes an aliveness or, in your case, the seed that awakens, that becomes a small being that then gets aligned. You take both of that back into yourself and you find it all emanates from with inside of yourself – and that’s how you really are. That’s how you come to find yourself in a completeness and a wholeness with all there is in life. You are everything. Isn’t that an interesting dream?

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