A Collective Distraction

summer4It’s something that we can sense more and more: life in the outer is relentless in the way it grabs and holds our attention. It seems to demand it, preventing us from getting any traction on our inner journey. It’s true for humans as a whole, and it’s true for us as individuals. Yet that is just the kind of resistance that provides us with a powerful means of doing our development process, if we continually, and often, choose our inner principles as our guide as we engage with the outer. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: My first dream felt like a dream I had before. In that one it’s like I’m working in one of those places that has like a little video store, and probably other things that you can get. It’s out in the woods, like when people are on vacation, or they’ve been in the mountains like there’s one of those all-purpose stores, but it also sells a lot of videos. That’s mainly what I think about it.

It also feels like maybe I’m an investigator of some kind, like a newspaper investigator, and I’ve come across some kind of a story that I videotaped. It’ll be a big story. I’ll get paid some large amount of money for it. But the people that the story’s about are going to try and stop me. And I finally complete the story.

The woman in the store that runs the store, that knows about it, has to leave. I have to get the story, which is on videotape and in the sack I have. I’m going to have to get it into town, but it feels like when I leave the store to try to go to town, then I see that the bad guys are coming and they’re trying to get me.

And, at first, I get away, but then when I think I’m free and I can get into town to get the story out, I see them again. There are several of them in a pickup truck. I go into the store for a minute and I hide the video in the return video bin – and grab another sack so it looks like I have it with me, and I run up on the roof.

And the impression I have is that I think the bad guy comes up on the roof and he’s going to throw me off or something, so I’m not going to make it, but I will have gotten the story out, anyway.

John: You’re going through the same thing I’m going through, only you tell it differently. In other words, there’s something opening up inside of you that you have to address, and put your attention upon. And what this is all about is entirely different than where your attention is inclined to normally be put, in terms of the collective world that you’re in.

In other words, you’re having to get the story out. You’re having to bring it through. You’re having to cause this to come into a type of fruition. And the collective, and everything that exists in terms of the environment that you’re in, is opposing that, or keeping you caught up into a conditionality so that that can’t come across and come out.

And this is, more or less, true. The whole thing between inner and outer and that the outer has become so loud, and so apparent, and so overwhelming, and so all consuming in its reflective mannerisms, that it dictates that the inner is something that is not even… it’s hardly perceived or believed as being something else.

In fact, even those people who are on spiritual paths will tell you that it’s something else. They’ll tell you that you’re dealing with ascended masters, and you’re dealing with this, and you’re dealing with that and no one wants to accept or admit that you are everything, that everything was created, you were created in the image of that which is a omniscient and omnipotent.

You have all of that, and you are all of that, but the collective story has you believing that this is what you’re looking at, this is the condition you’re in. You’re like an ant, so to speak, that has not any broad perspective of the big picture. You just go about doing something in a very tried and true mannerism in the outer.

And what your dream is indicating is that this isn’t for you, that there is something much more that you’re able to catch up with and open up. So, your dream is also the story of humanity, where it can’t seem to break the shackles. And now you’ve gone to a particular point in the inner path where the appearance of that stands out irregardless of anything else going on around you, that is of a collective distraction that has nothing to do with that.

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