Being Worked On

lucid-dreamingYesterday the dream image showed us how everything in the outer world vies for our attention, to the detriment of our inner lives. Thankfully, our systems are always working for our benefit, they’re always making quiet suggestions to us on how best to proceed. So here is the next dream in the sequence, and we see that a doctor has been called to help heal a masculine aspect of the dreamer, which will support the needed clarity that is trying to come through into consciousness. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: The second dream I had this morning after I fell back asleep. And in this dream you and I are living in a house that seems to be like a two-story house. One story is open to the other though, like you have almost like a balcony area with a dining table on it, and you go down into an entertainment room. And so it’s a kind of large house, but not necessarily grand or anything, but kind of open.

And it feels like we’re getting ready to leave on a trip. We’ll be gone awhile, like it’s fall and all of that. We’ve been doing some things like go to the doctor and do this and that before we leave, but we are in a little bit of a drifting, separated malaise. And I’m noticing that particularly it’s noisy. You’re in one room, and I’m in the other. And then I suddenly turn and look around up on the balcony and you’re sitting down there, and the doctor and one of his assistants have come and they’re sitting down with you.

So once I notice that I turn off everything in the house, so everything gets quiet, and I go up there. I can hear they’ve come out to the house because they’ve come to give you a report that I guess from your exam, that they’ve picked up a tumor or something at your exam. And, on the one hand, I’m looking at you and I can see you’re almost deciding you’re not going to do anything about it.

I’m going over and talking to her. I want to know exactly where this is and what kind of surgery they can do. I want it out. Let’s just get focused on what has to get done here. And it’s like I suddenly get really pinpointed and kind of crystal clear. And so she points out to me, I think it was right here in the solar plexus area near the lungs. So I immediately want to know everything from her exactly, and I’m telling you.

It’s almost like you’re not really having a lot of choice in this. Up to this point I’m telling you that this will be okay. They can do a lot now, but I want to find out exactly how and when, and we were just getting ready to leave. I can tell this is causing us to postpone that, but that’s minor. Anyway, I think that was where I was in the dream when we woke up.

John: So it’s kind of a continuation of the other, in which there’s something more that needs to open up. And everything that’s about is getting in the way. And you have the collective that’s meaningless, that is in the way of something that is really important that needs to open up. That was like your first.

And then what you change or alter about this is that you’ve been worked upon. There’s something that has been worked upon in terms of the clarity of what is meant to come through. That’s why it was the masculine and not necessarily the feminine. It was the clarity coming through from the masculine that’s been worked upon.

And, as a consequence of it being worked upon, it has gotten closer to the doctor, or the doctor is there, too, which means that it’s gotten closer to what is intended and meant to try to come through.

And then your dream proceeds to point out that the area that is ushering it through is coming, being handled, being carried through kind of a solar plexus area, or second chakra zone. And it’s in the second chakra zone that something is able to happen in kind of a major shifted way that is typical of shamanistic behavior. When you look at the zone of the shaman, the shaman is orange.

The shaman is orange and the shifting comes from this solar plexus area. That’s the area that’s the shamanistic zone. That’s where something can be changed and shifted. And so your dream is suggested where one, in terms of how one has to embody or carry that, to recognize that, to adhere to that, that is what it’s going to take.

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